Tires are like the shoes of your bike. No matter how powerful the engine is, it is the tire which finally transfers the power. Here are some tips and advice for your bike’s tires.

The tire pressure of your bike should be maintained according to the usage, load, road surface conditions and as per the manufacturer’s specifications. For city use the regular specifications are fine, but for the highway use one must increase the PSI by at least 3 or 4 for both the tires from normal due to the constant high speed running of the tires on the highways, as there is loss of air due to heat and friction.

The load also determines the extra PSI that you must take into account. You have to check the max pay load for any bike or scooter and if the load increases from the maximum payload then you must increase the tire pressure accordingly. But make sure you don’t overload the bike/scooter to a high extent as it would damage the suspension geometry and the walls of the tires would get weak and there will be uneven surface wear leading to less grip during braking, going through water in rains or other such surprises on the road which could lead to an accident. Similarly don’t over pressurize or under pressurize your tires and check the tire pressure once a week.

If you under-pressurize the tires the ride would feel spongy and the tube will become weak especially when the two-wheeler goes over irregular surfaces on the road like bumps or speed breakers. Alternatively, if you over-pressurize the tires then the tire wall and the outer tire would become irregular in shape and develop uneven wear and the ride would become too bumpy even for small bumps.

It is not a good idea to change the tires that the manufacturer has provided with the bike or scooter, as it would only lead to unnecessary wear and tear of the tires and interfere with the bikes handling, suspension, dynamics and weight distribution. My Karizma gives a very good mileage because it has a 100/90 rear tire which is enough for decent handling even for a 223cc bike. while the Honda CBF Stunner also has 100/90 rear tire but the bike has only a capacity of 124cc compared to the Karizma’s 223cc.

Another case in point being the R15, which has smaller 17 inch and narrower tires but the grip is phenomenal on road and track surface and even on irregular surfaces. The point I am stressing is, fat tires are not the only requisite for grip and performance. Having driven the R15 over various surfaces I can vouch for this fact. Also a manufacturer tests the tires performance on all roads and optimizes the tire dimensions most suited for the specific two wheeler so if one were to modify the factory settings most of the long run benefits will be lost.

Air valve cap: Ensure that the small cap of your tires air valve is always fastened securely to the tires of your two-wheeler. This air valve cap ensures that no air escapes the tire and prevents air dissipation during motion.

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  1. Dear Mr Deepak
    Thanks for your illuminating reply.Now, please tell me what is the max payload for a Yamaha YBX 125 bike? I’m planning for a long drive with my friend as pillion. The two of us would weigh 160 kgs. I plan to cover 750 kms in a span of 3-4 days during the Holis. About a hundred kms of the road may be bumpy. The tyres measure 2.25-18 (F) and 2.5-18 (R). The manufacturer specified tyre pressure is 24(F)-32(R) for a pillion ride and the dry weight of the vehicle is 100 kg.
    Can you please help me?

  2. Dear Deepak,
    Please tell me wats the max payload for a Royalenfield thunderbird. I drive daily a long distance to office along with my friend. We both weigh around 140kgs. can u pls suggest

  3. The original tyres of Honda Activa Scooter skids after it rains. I experienced this problem more than three times since I purchased the vehicle within six months.Not only this happened to me, this also happened to my son and he fractured his leg and had to undergo a surgery. Now he is not even using this scooter. Is it advisable to replace the flat tyre like in Chetak scooters to prevent skidding. At least i have been using chetak since last 30 years without a single instance of skidding. Pl. advice.

  4. Dear Deepak,
    I have Honda Shine, and its rear tire is too narrow, only 2.75×18 48p. It doesn’t grip well on any surface, as far I have experienced. It even skids on low speed.
    I wanna change it, but wanna buy MRF Zapper. I found 3.00×18 suited to it, but the tread of the 3.00×18 is not looking good to me.
    Again I plan to change it to tubeless, as my rear tube leaked several times.
    What is your suggestion for my rear tire ?
    Some said that any 3.00×18 tire can be used as tubeless by just changing the nipple. Again, some says its not possible to use tube tires as tubeless. which one is true ?
    3.00×18 tubeless is not available here. What should I do ?

  5. Hi Deepak

    My question is regarding the balancing and alignment of my bike. I own a 2004 model Karizma.

    The bike sways to both sides. What would be the reason.

    I got my bikes chasis alingned fron the renouned sardar ji in pahar ganj without any possitive result.

    Got the handle bridge and cone changed again no possitive results.

    Got the rear tire changed resulting in no change to the bikes balance and alignment.

    Could you please tell me what should I do to get my bike to go in straight line.

    I would also like to bring to your notice that the foot rest frame was cracked from the place whher the axle passes and the nuts are tightened. I got that fixed by getting it welded. The welding is not perfect and the axle was driven through its path focibly and the nuts were tightened. I wonder whether this is the cause for im balance in my bike. The foot rests are also not in line now. The right foot restt is a bit behind then the left one.

    Hope you would be able to solve my query.


    Vineet kaushik

  6. My hero honda CBZ coverd 30000 km and now i would like to change my both tyre ,Presently its MRF Zapper Y I want to go for a higher model Zapper Q/Meteor.Please suggest me a good model for Rear& front.

  7. Hi guys Never ever ever buy a Zapper they are the costliest and the most useless tyres i have ever used. They puncture atleast once every month.

    I would recommend DUNLOP 18 months no puncture perfect grip run almost 20000 kms and probably can do 15 to 10k more.

  8. I have my Suzuki Access with recomended cold tyre pressure of 18psi and 25psi for Solo riding and pressure of 18psi and 36psi for dual riding.
    But when I ride the suzuki access for solo riding with this pressure I feel its dragging.

    When I go to fill the tyre pressure the users tell me to fill it for 25psi and 36 psi as its for Honda activa.

    Kindly whoever is aware of this and practically experienced, kindly help what psi I need to use for both Solo and Dual riding.
    Waiting eagerly for reply

    • For Solo Riding, you can go with 20psi & 36psi. For the Dual Ride, you can go with 22psi & 38psi. If the weight is more at Dual Ride, you can go till 24psi & 38psi. Nitrogen gas fill has been prominent in most cities. If you can find it that will be so good for a better grip & good efficiency.

  9. Hi
    i own a bajaj avenger 220cc.
    i am confused about the tyre pressure (both front and rear),the manual says 22 psi
    but my mechanic says it should be around 30.
    can u please help me out.



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