Suzuki Snatches Third Spot from Hero in Scooter Sales in Jan

Suzuki vs Hero sales – this is turning out to be an interesting battle and from almost half last Jan, Suzuki has beaten Hero for this month. Will we see a new permanent three from next fiscal?

Apart from big sales loss to its 125cc Glamour (details here), Hero has also registered a massive downfall in scooter sales – one potential seller for the brand which has not done well so far.

As compared to 76,062 scooters sold in January 2018, Hero, the maker with the widest dealership coverage, could only manage to sell 53,511 units this January, suffering a downfall of nearly 30 percent! It comes at a time when Hero has ventured in the 125cc scooter space with the new Destini!

What this has meant is Suzuki has beaten Hero for the third spot in January 2019 sales. Why this is a big achievement for Suzuki is because last year in the same month they sold half of what Hero managed. This means that the Japanese maker, which relies on Access as its major seller, registered emphatic 60 percent growth this Jan.

Hero has recently launched Destini 125 in the market

Even if we look at Year to date changes, Hero is in red and have sold 16 percent lesser scooters as compared to the 45 percent rise in Suzuki’s numbers. At this rate, expect Suzuki to close in on Hero in the coming months and triumph them despite being nowhere near their (Hero’s) reach!

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Suzuki vs Hero Sales – Scooters

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Jan 2018
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Suzuki vs Hero sales
Access continues to do phenomenally well for Suzuki

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This year is becoming a turning point for Hero as it is loosing out in some of its key segments which it banks on for its sales. These are the initial alarms and if the going continues like this, we may soon be witness to a big turnaround in the overall manufacturer rankings – something which has not happened in the last many years!