Alarming: Hero Glamour Registers Massive Sales Fall

Hero’s 125cc Glamour was once the largest selling 125 cc motorcycle in India. It often competed with Honda’s Shine for the top spot in monthly sales. Hero is known for selling truckloads of 100cc and 125cc motorcycles and in fact, these commuters are its bread and butter earners. But it appears that they are losing out in the 125cc segment. Its highest selling 125cc Glamour has registered massive sales fall in the last three months.

Here is a number tally for you..

Hero Glamour Sales


This means that Hero sold about 77,000 units less during this period which is equal to 1.75 months of total sales for this year in the corresponding period. In percentage terms Hero lost over 36 percent of sales of Glamour in this three month period.

Hero Glamour Sales
This is the new Glamour which is sold alongside the older Glamour

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This is big time alarming for a company which banks solely on the 100-125cc segment for almost all its sales. This situation is more worrisome as they have launched an updated version of Glamour in the market only few months back, which continues along with the older version.

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Many of their indigenous products have not been appreciated very much by the buyers and they have also reported technical snags. It must be known that many of Hero’s largest selling products still use Honda’s engines/technologies. It will be interesting to see how Hero manages this transition to its indigenous technology.