Xtreme 200R Sales Disappoint – Is One of the Lowest Selling 90K Bike

Like other 150cc+ motorcycles from Hero, Xtreme 200R sales are also disappointing for the brand. They appear to be absolutely confused about their strategy in India…

Hero should genuinely be concerned about their new products. They have failed miserably in the 150+ cc segment with big names like Xtreme, Hunk, Achiever, Impulse failing to do good for the brand. Once a legend, they have also killed the Karizma brand completely (here is the proof)!

Xtreme 200R Sales

They hoped that Xtreme 200R would do well and at that striking price tag it should have been a stellar seller! However, what we see is yet another sales debacle in the making! Xtreme 200R registered sales of 2931 units in January 2019 and 1438 units in the month of December 2018. Considering that it competes with motorcycles around the 90,000 range, these are not very positive numbers.

During the same time decade old Pulsar 220 registered sales of 6906 and 3884 units; Honda’s Hornet sold 3566 and 2346 units; FZs sold 18083 and 10147 units; and the Apache range (comprises of all Apaches apart from RR310) registered 31,735 and 26,338 units (TVS does not reveal modelwise specs).

The only motorcycle in this price range Xtreme 200R seems to have done better against is Suzuki Gixxer which sold 1812 and 1076 units in the corresponding time period. Gixxer is due for a major update sometime soon and if we look back at the history it is expected to roll back to its 4000-6000 monthly numbers in the times to come.

Xtreme 200R Sales
One look and it becomes clear that this is a Hero product. People in this segment prefer aspirational products which look sporty!

Which means that Xtreme 200R, despite being absolutely ‘new‘ in terms of age has found a place among the lowest sellers in its price range. Even the surprise price tag (for a 200cc) doesn’t seem to be working in its favour and we are not even talking about the massive reach of Hero – which is THE WIDEST in the industry. Even Virat Kohli’s endorsement is not helping here, it seems!

XPulse Launch
Xpulse is the only motorcycle which has generated interest, however, they have been skipping launch dates…

So, one after the other Hero’s attempts to sell anything in the 150cc+ segment are failing like a pack of cards! It may serve as a reckoner for them that this segment is considered to be the ‘sports segment’ in India and doesn’t work with a commuter mindset. Is it time they go back to the drawing boards, sit back, analyse and make sense of their insane reach?