OFFICIAL: Suzuki Gixxer Price Revealed; Costs Rs 79,809 On-Road in Delhi!

The much talked about premium 150cc motorcycle from Suzuki’s stable, the Gixxer is set to be launched soon (yes it is not launched officially yet!). With bookings already in progress, Gixxer has definitely captivated interests of people looking for premium 150ccs.


And in an interesting move, Suzuki has officially revealed Gixxer’s prices well before its launch. The motorcycle has been priced at Rs 79,809 on road in Delhi, bang in the territory what we had anticipated it.

At about Rs 80,000, Gixxer is not really very affordable, but the GS150R itself sells for about Rs 76,000, so they had to have this distance between the two 150cc siblings.

Its prime rival, the recently launched FZ Version 2.0 is also priced at an almost similar price point but has a fuel injected mill against the carburetted one of the Gixxer.


What might just be a saving grace is its (Gixxer’s) more powerful 14.8PS, 14Nm engine and lightweight body structure, which at 135kg, is a good 14 kilos lighter than its sibling GS 150R.

Gixxer also trades off the sixth gear and it would really be interesting how different would it be with respect to the competition as well as its own sibling GS150R which we have always liked. Available in 5 color options, the white Gixxer would be our pick of the lot.

With this, Suzuki has officially signaled war in the premium 150cc segment which currently has the whole FZ series as competition and is all set to see Hero Xtreme Sports, Honda’s 160cc and Pulsar 150NS soon.

So, do you like the Gixxer at 80K?

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