Suzuki Slashes Inazuma Prices by Over 1 Lac; Costs 2.09 Lac Now

Suzuki’s Inazuma is one of the most controversial quarter litre motorcycles recently launched and available in the country right now.

Suzuki-Inazuma-Pics (2)

The bike has not seen much sales movement, obviously because of its insane sticker price tag! Apart from being overpriced, the price per bhp was terribly low. While increasing the output is not really an option right now, Suzuki has shocked everyone with a price slash, a major one at that!

Earlier the motorcycle had a price tag of Rs 2,98,918 and in a latest update, Inazuma’s can be had for Rs 2,09,309 (both prices ex-showroom, Delhi). As per the Delhi dealership, the on road price stands at Rs 2.31 lakhs. The price difference in the financial capital is even greater one. It had a price tag of Rs 3.61 Lakhs and now costs Rs 2.61 lakhs (both prices on road, Mumbai). Apart from the price slash there has been no change in any features, not even a minor sticker difference.


The twin cylinder bike produces 26.4PS of power and 22Nm of torque, which is among the lowest in the 250cc segment and Suzuki doesn’t mention them on their websites. But, it definitely enjoys the privilege of being a twin cylinder relaxed motor and the most affordable one at that!

The sudden drop in prices by Suzuki has left us surprised and it remains to be seen how would buyers react to this development. More importantly when the competition is on the brink of launching newer products in the market like the HX250R, R25 , RC390 and the Mojo apart from the current ones like Duke 390, Ninja 300 etc.

An official communication is what we await for now. So, are these the first signs of the Jap giant getting serious about our market?

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