Surprise!! Royal Enfield Is Testing New 650cc Bike Overseas; Scrambler Or Roadster??

Royal Enfield unknown test-bike appears to have elements of a roadster, scrambler and flat track bike with single exit exhaust…

One thing that has to be commended about Royal Enfield, and we know you’ll agree with us, is that the oldest motorcycle manufacturer might be one the most ambitious & most laborious ones presently. 

Considering all the models that the company have been testing in previous months & years and the various spy-images that are being captured of numerous bikes encompassing various platforms, they are probably working on 5 bikes simultaneously. Furthermore, these testing sessions are being run both in India as well as in the U.K. 

And today, we are going to share information regarding a 6th test-bike captured overseas, which could be the third model to join the premium 650 cc platform. 

New 650 cc Royal Enfield Motorcycle Spotted Testing In U.K.; Scrambler or Roadster??

Motorcycle News is at it again, sharing with us a image of a new style Royal Enfield being tested on the U.K. roads. 

The new test-bike appears to be based on the underpinning of the current Interceptor 650. The frame and the suspension system appears to be tuned for a roadster machine and mirrors the lines of the Interceptor. 

Yet, a few elements of a scrambler machine also melded on this new test-bike. The presence of spoked-rims and the use of twin-spring shocks (instead of a monoshock) exudes the scrambler DNA of the new bike. But, the rim sizes and the suspension setup is more suited for tarmac use than offroad. 

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And the presence of flat-track style race-plate on the side of the bike gives it a confused identity. Maybe RE is trying something new- a bike that can take on multiple roles, and can be suited to any environment. 

One major change that can be ssen on this new test-bike is the use of single-barrel exhaust unit. All the existing 650 cc powered bikes (Interceptor & Continental GT) and the upcoming premium models (Super Meteor & Shotgun) all have two outlets exiting the engine casing ending in two exhaust pipes fitted to the either side of the bikes. However, this bike is using a new exhaust system which has two exits from the engine casing but combining to end with a slightly upswept single barrel. This system was earlier spied on a test-bike on Indian roads many months ago, sporting a similar exhaust system.  

Once again, maybe RE is trying something new. This might be the evolution of their existing exhaust system which could be offering some improvements in efficiency and performance numbers. 

The heart of the machine appears to be the same 648 cc, parallel-twin engine that powers the current generation of premium RE motorcycles. This powerunit will be producing 47 HP & 52 Nm of torque, but the characteristics of the engine & its power/torque deliveries will be better suited for the characteristics the bike will be carrying, whichever it will be. 

Looking at this new test-bike it appears to be an amalgamation of various motorcycle types. It is too early to say what exactly could the bike be. This could suggest that the company is trying various elements to steer the development of the bike towards the version they are trying to reach. 

Till RE decide which style the bike will adapt into, they have yet to launch the Super Meteor/Thunderbird 650, which was spotted recenty in its most premium trim. And don’t forget, the most-awaited Himalayan 450 is also in its final stages of testing and could make its debut by early 2023.