SPIED: Triumph’s 250cc Mini Daytona Caught Testing

One would think a natural progression from 150-200 cc bikes to a bigger capacity would be to have a bike with a 250 cc mill.  But it seems that’s not how the bike manufacturers read the markets.

Triumph-Daytona-250-Spy-Pics (3)

The big 4 Japanese bike manufacturers known for their phenomenal successes with their 250 cc bikes in the Moto GP have been inexplicably slow in introducing a street legal quarter liter bike in our country.  Needless to say, a body gorging himself fat on the Moto GP naturally would want to ride a similar machine is something that most of the bike manufacturers seem to ignore.

Honda, some year ago, did come up with its 250 cc offering – the CBR 250. To please one and all, they gave it a look that seems somewhat similar to a Moto GP machine, but it failed to inspire the real GP devotee with its not-so-sporty seating position and stance. Otherwise a capable machine, it failed to cut the mustard.

Triumph-Daytona-250-Spy-Pics (1)

The indomitable Ninja 250R was the benchmark when it came to the quarter liter bikes for many years. It did real good for Kawasaki and recently Kawasaki upgraded this entry-level Ninja providing it with bigger displacement (296 cc), a new fuel injection system, ABS and a slipper clutch. The new Ninja 300 is claimed to be a better and more rounded product than the 250R.

Yamaha unveiled a concept 250 called R25 a few days ago and did manage to whip-up a lot of excitement, but it will take some time for them to prepare a production version. For now though, at the time of writing this report, both Yamaha and Suzuki, it seems, are still sleeping.

Triumph-Daytona-250-Spy-Pics (4)

Then who comes to the rescue of the aspiring Moto3 rider?  Triumph.  Of all the companies, it seems the Triumph of U.K. is going to be the first to be out with a 250cc in India. According to rumours, the bike may be called as Daytona 250 and will be a single cylinder motor producing power in the region of 25-30bhps. Triumph officially released a sketch confirming the development on this front and prototypes of the bikes are already undergoing testing in Europe as busted by these spyshots courtesy motorradonline.de.

Triumph-Daytona-250-Spy-Pics (5)

The mouth really starts watering with the fact that the bike will be manufactured here in India, keeping the price within reach of most of us. Since it will be based heavily on the bigger Daytona 675 one cannot really blame the mouth.

Triumph could display the Daytona 250 during the Auto Expo in February and the bike should be out for sale sometime in 2015.

Of whatever we can make out from these spyshots, does it look tempting…?

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