Simple Energy To Manufacture Li-ion Cell in India; Partners With C4V

Local manufacturing of Li-Ion cells will bring safety faster charging and longer life cycle to batteries of EVs in India – a very welcome step…

So, considering the claims and few very impressive numbers on the paper, Simple Energy is probably the most technologically advanced and capable EV manufacturer of the lot. 

Leveraging their advanced R&D capabilities, Simple Energy have recently launched one of the most powerful – Simple One – e-scooters with nearly 95% efficiency, highest torque figures of 72 Nm and claims of more than 300 km range

Now, making further steps in their plans to ‘redefine electric mobility in the country by making e-mobility solutions more accessible, secure, and comfortable to the end-customer’, Simple Energy have partnered with New York based Charge CCCV (C4V) to set-up a Lithium-ion cell manufacturing ecosystem in India. 

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As Lithium-ion battery cells are the central unit of any EV, this strategic partnership will result in manufacturing of Li-ion cells which will possess ‘Industry leading safety, Higher energy density than LFP, Faster charging, and Longer life cycle’ based on C4V’s patented technology. 

Speaking on this announcement, Mr. Shreshth Mishra (Co-Founder, Simple Energy) said,

“Simple Energy is leading the Indian EV industry by vertically integrating the entire value chain, thus bringing better synergy and higher localization. By partnering with C4V, we will consolidate cell supply, which is a vital component for us. This strategy also make us more self-reliant and reduces our dependency on imports” 

Furthermore, C4V says that this partnership is also a strong validation of their ‘continued efforts to stabilize a comprehensive domestic supply chain in India’. They will be providing their advanced Lithium-ion battery technology which will power Simple Energy’s upcoming two-wheeler and four-wheeler EVs. 

C4V also boasts that by leveraging their technology, Simple will not suffer from fire or explosion risk which is currently affecting their competitors. Together, they will be developing Industry leading safety from their advanced facilities located internationally.

Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Kuldeep Gupta (Vice President -Strategic Partnership, C4V) said,

“Oil prices are skyrocketing and the heat is already being felt in the market. Empowering local manufacturing will not only reduce the burden of import duties but also ensure the timely supply of quality batteries in the EV space boosting the confidence of OEMs in the Electric Mobility Market. C4V is looking forward to this strategic collaboration, thereby supporting the development of the EV industry in India.” 

Simple Energy’s flagship e-scooter – Simple One – will be produced at phase-1 of the company’s manufacturing unit located at Hosur, Tamil Nadu. The company has shared that this manufacturing plant has an annual capacity of up to 1 million units.

The factory is currently getting ready for mass manufacturing and will be operational in the coming weeks. Simple has also commissioned a second plant in Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, which will spread across 600 acres and have a capacity of 12.5 million units annually.