SCOOP: Yamaha Fazer FI Version 2 Spotted

Yamaha has launched the new FZ Version 2 just a few days back which gets fuel injection as the main arsenal. In the whole presentation Yamaha did not talk about the Fazer v2 at all and when we asked Yamaha officials about it, they said it will be launched but later!


In a first, has scooped the Fazer version 2 testing on the streets. Surprisingly, there is no camouflage at all but then there are no badges as well.

The bike gets the body very similar to the FZ v2 with split seats, tyre hugger, angular fuel tank and edgy looks. The biggest change, however, comes on the fairing. The new Fazer v2 gets headlamps very similar to the company’s flagship R1 (of whatever is visible). Unfortunately, we still do not see rear disc brakes on this mule.

Yamaha has gotten away saying that the new FZ v2 is the lightest 150cc in the market and hence the lesser power figures of the new smaller engine will do just about as good in terms of performance. However, it would be really interesting to see how would Yamaha tune the Fazer, since it will be heavier than the FZ.

New-Yamaha-Fazer-v2-FI-Spy-Pics (1)

We still believe, Yamaha can do a better job than the same 13.1PS and 12.8Nm from the same 149cc motor of the FZ version 2. But what will be a certainty is the introduction of fuel injection to the Fazer as well. Currently, FZ-S v2 is the priciest of the complete FZ family, including the carbed Fazer.



*Current Fazer

We believe Yamaha will launch the new Fazer v2 towards the festive season at prices somewhere around Rs 82,000 ex-showroom Delhi. And what looks to the eye is something gorgeous in the making!

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