Price Comparo of All 5 FZ Models: FZ-S FI v2 Costlier Than Fazer

With the launch of new fuel injected FZ twins Yamaha has signaled aggression and has set new benchmarks for the competition to catch up. As we reported just a few minutes back, old carbureted FZ will continue to be sold along with the new fuel injected models, at least for the time being.

New-Yamaha-FZ-FI-Version-2 (2)

So, this widens the complete FZ lineup into as many as 5 different models, that is till the new Fazer v2 makes way into the market, later! With the introduction of FI, prices of new FZ has gone up by a few thousands. So, how do they stack up with each other in terms of price…? Let us have a look.

Yamaha FZ lineup Prices:

  1. Old FZ Carb: Rs 70,411
  2. Old FZ-S Carb: Rs 72,385
  3. New FZ FI v2: Rs 76,250
  4. Old Fazer Carb: Rs 77,351
  5. New FZ-S FI v2: Rs 78,250

*All prices ex-showroom Delhi

So, here is the interesting bit: Notice the last two prices. Yes, the new FZ-S FI now forms the flagship and is the costliest of the lot outpricing the Fazer. Also notice the wide price spectrum FZ series of bikes are available in. The range starts from about 70k and goes all the way upto almost 80k. When the Fazer FI arrives sometime later, it is expected to be priced at around Rs 82,000 further increasing the price band.


It would be interesting to note if any manufacturer can beat that. However, there is always the possibility of internal cannibalization between so many similar models but as far as the customer remains within the Yamaha’s stables, we believe, the company will be happy.

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