Old FZ to Continue Selling With FZ FI v2.0; Fazer FI v2 Launch NOT Very Soon

In an interesting update, Yamaha’s officials present at yesterday’s launch of FZ FI v2.0 told our correspondent that they will continue selling the older FZ along with the new Fuel Injected model.

New-Yamaha-FZ-S-FI-Version-2 (1)

Upon being asked if this is till the stocks get over or if this is some stock clearance, they said both the models will exist at least for the time being.

Now, there are two ways to look at it. One, Yamaha, by this statement, wants to ensure that there is no impact on the sales of the remaining units of the older carbed FZ till they get over with its stocks. Two, they really intend to cater to a wider audience including the ones who may have got pissed off by the reduction in power as well as the increment in price of the new FZ Version 2.


*Old FZ. Yamaha has recently launched new colors and graphics. Click pic for more details

Where is Fazer FI Version 2?

Quite obviously, like you, every media personnel was interested to know about the Fazer and its fuel injected version 2 since Yamaha’s presentation did not talk about it at all. To an answer on the same topic, Yamaha’s officials said that Fazer FI version 2 will NOT come anytime very soon but, quite obviously, it will be launched sometime later. They did not give specific time frames for both – continual of sales of old FZ as well as the launch of fuel injected Fazer.


We believe Yamaha is running cautious and intends to gauge people’s response to the new fuel injected FZ v2 before culminating sales of the old FZ. And once they are confident, they will bring the Fazer FI update. This is also keeping in mind that they have a lot of players coming to hunt the FZ down in the premium segment, most prominent of them being the Gixxer! You can read the list of 4 upcoming premium 150-160ccs here.

So, which one will you go for – Old Carbed more powerful FZ or the latest Fuel Injected FZ version 2?

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