Rumour Claims 3 New Product Unveilings from Hero on 14th Jan at Dakar

Hero has officially announced a ‘big-bang’ product launch (not just unveil) at the culmination of Dakar Rally (our report) where they are participating for the first time and the first leg, featuring their riders C S Santosh and Joaquim Rodrigues, starts from today.

Now, while they have remained absolutely mum after that, expectations are naturally high. Since it is a heavy-intensity rally (often touted to be the toughest race of the world) and hence the product(s) making inroads should be high-voltage. I am sure it would be senseless to introduce yet another commuter at such an event which signifies power, adrenalin and obviously off-roading.

Hero 125 cc scooter Dare
The 125 cc scooter they are talking about could be the production version of this Dare scooter showcased at the 2014 AE. Click pic for details

Fresh rumours of what the event can unravel from have surfaced. They claim that Hero will unveil/launch minimum of three products. They are confident of one of them being an all-new 125 cc scooter, other one a 125 cc iSmart motorcycle and expect the third one to be a more sense-making (for the kind of event) bigger capacity relatively more powerful motorcycle. They are putting their bets on a production version of Xtreme 200S or HX250.

Hero HX250
A motorcycle which has the interest-levels of the HX250 will only suffice at an event like Dakar. Click pic to know what new details Hero revealed at AE 2016

Now, since the Xtreme 200S has already been unveiled (and it looked absolutely production ready), I believe re-showcasing it will not make much of a marketing sense. But what will – would be the official (and surprise) launch of the much awaited 31 PS 250 cc HX250 which was first showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo or even better an all-new relatively powerful off-roader on the lines of Impulse (which will be like taking full advantage of the backdrop of the Dakar rally). What are you putting your bets on?

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