Get Ready for Royal Enfield SHOTGUN

Royal Enfield Shotgun name has been patented by the company. It joins many other brands that RE is considering slapping on its upcoming motorcycles…

Royal Enfield likes guns and it already sells a very popular brand – Bullet in the market. In a latest update, another gun-related name has been patented by the company – Royal Enfield SHOTGUN. According to a dictionary, a Shotgun ‘is a smoothbore shoulder weapon capable of firing shot at short ranges‘.

This trade name joins the long list of brands the company has already patented – like Flying Flea, Roadster, Hunter, Sherpa, etc. Considering the weightage of the Shotgun name, it could suit one of the 650s that the company is testing.

It must be known that Royal Enfield is testing at least two different 650cc cruisers on the roads – one of them is the typical, tall, lanky, laidback design whereas the other one is relatively modern styled with mid-set footpegs.

Royal Enfield SHOTGUN

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There are other roadster models as well which have been spotted on test and we believe the Shotgun name may not suit them. For them, Royal Enfield already has the ‘Roadster’ and/or ‘Hunter’. As we have said earlier as well, a ‘Flying Flea’ could be a lean, extremely light motorcycle (check history) whereas the Sherpa could be the entry level, utility, rugged motorcycle.

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It must also be noted that Royal Enfield is not obligated to use all of these names but since it has registered for their protection, there is definitely a lot cooking on them.