OPINION: With SG650 Has Royal Enfield Revealed its Strategy?

Has Royal Enfield previewed its Shotgun 650? And can we take it that the other model could be the Super Meteor 650? Let’s understand…

Royal Enfield has been testing two different cruisers that appear to be based on the 650 platform that currently spawns the Interceptor as well as the Continental GT.

While one of them is a conventional, tall and lanky cruiser with foot-stretched open chested riding posture and the other model is a more of a city cruiser with relatively aggressive seating posture.

Royal Enfield has also filed for trademark of names of Super Meteor and Shotgun and there were rumors that the next launch from the company would be the Super Meteor.

Cut to the ongoing EICMA and the Chennai based maker has officially revealed one motorcycle concept called as SG650 (details here). Though there are no direct hints shared by the company but that ‘SG’ may hold some significance.

shotgun 650

Is that a short form for Shotgun? Are we looking at the concept version of Shotgun 650? This concept resembles one of the spied mules – the cruiser with roadster characteristics and relatively straight seating posture. It may give up its bobber-ish characteristics, specially that single seat – or there may be another bobber variant on the cards as well (that has still not been spotted on the roads yet).

shotgun 650

And if it is so, the other more cruiser-ish model could be termed as Super Meteor 650 or simply Super Meteor. That Royal Enfield already promotes its Meteor 350 as an ‘easy cruiser’ further fits the puzzle.

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If we have successfully revealed the names of the models, let us further speculate that Royal Enfield could launch both of them simultaneously – like it did with the Interceptor and CGT.

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It could present them as two different cruiser variants on similar platforms targeting different kind of riders.

This may or may not be true but it appears certain that launch of (at least one of) these models is scheduled in the coming months…