Royal Enfield February 2022 Sales: Mixed Bag for the Company…

Royal Enfield February 2022 sales – While exports have shown a consistent increment, domestic numbers have declined…

The sales figures of Royal Enfield for the month of February 2022 are out. Exports have continued to show a steady growth while the domestic sales fell further.

The company has registered Gross Sales of 59,160 units in the previous month. That is a decline of 15.07% compared with the sales of the same month last year. 

Royal Enfield Sales February 2022

Year-over-Year Sales

For February 2022, the total Domestic Sales for the company stood at 52,135 unts, which is a decline of 19.93% compared to 65,114 units sold in February of 2021. 

In contrast, Exports grew by a significant 54.57%, registering 7,025 units in February 2022 compared to 4,545 units in February 2021.  

The Total YoY sales dropped by 15.07%.

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Month-over-Month Sales

Comparing the Domestic Sales with the previous month of January 2022, RE saw a growth of 4.84%, as sales rose from 49,726 units to 52,135 units in February 2022. 

However, Exports, at 7055 units in February 2022, saw a significant drop of 22.90% (January 2022 numbers – 9,112 units).

The Total MoM sales grew by a meager 0.55%. 

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Year-to-Date Sales

Considering the total sales between the period of April 2021 and February 2022 (YTD), the company registered 534,591 units. This indicates a drop of 2.14% compared to YTD sales of 546,292 units registered in the same period of previous year. 

For the same time period, the Domestic Sales declined by 9.89% while the Exports grew by a whopping 119.42%. 

Royal Enfield is ready to launch their first Scrambler model in the Indian market to compete against the Yezdi Scrambler. They have named it ‘Himalayan Scram 411’ and are launching the bike on 7th of March. You can find more details here.