In No Tearing Rush for an Electric Motorcycle: RE’s Siddharth Lal

Though it is under development but Royal Enfield electric motorcycle launch many years away – clears Royal Enfield’s MD Siddharth Lal…

The company’s MD says that while they are working on developing concepts, they are not going to be first in the market to develop an electric motorcycle.

In the recent times, we have been hearing a lot about electric vehicles and how IC engine powered-vehicles will get hurt. Recently, Bajaj Auto’s Director – Rakesh Sharma said that electric vehicles will threaten IC vehicles in the next 5-7 years.

Some major makers have already ventured in this space with pilot projects, some of them are working on them. However, there’s one company that is in no hurry. We’re talking about Chennai-based premium motorcycle manufacturer – Royal Enfield. The company’s Managing Director – Siddharth Lal, was recently caught up in an interview with a popular automotive portal, wherein he spoke on a lot of topics.

royal enfield electric motorcycle launch
However, RE is testing many IC engined motorcycles. Click pic for details…

When he was asked about the company’s plans for electric vehicles, he had quite a different take on it. He said that they are not going to be the first ones in the market to come up with an electric bike. Instead, the company is studying the market and understanding the technology currently in use.

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Siddharth shared that they are developing test mules, prototypes, and riding/testing them to understand the goods and bads in electrification. He went onto say that they may showcase concept electric bikes and prototypes, but they are at least three years away from producing it and it might even be longer.

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He said – though the company is in a tearing rush for development, however, they are in no tearing rush to launch it and end up doing a shoddy job. So, though, an electric Royal Enfield will come eventually but it will be around 2023 or after…

Source: ET Auto

-Moin Ahmed