New R15 vs CBR150R vs GSX-R150 – Which One Sells the Most in Indonesia?

vew R15 vs CBR150R – Has version 3 changed sales preferences of bikers…?

What if we had intense competition and hence many options in the faired sports 150cc segment in India?

Now that Honda has discontinued the CBR150R and Suzuki does not consider India as an important market to launch their sporty 150cc offering GSX-R150, we only have the R15 v2 available in the market for you biking enthusiasts. So, the above question does not hold true for our market. But let us have a look at what Indonesians are buying the most between R15 v3, 2017 CBR150R and the newly introduced GSX-R150?

Going by the data we have, courtesy, CBR150R has been a clear winner outselling all its rivals by massive margins before the R15 v3 was introduced. Only for the month of May 2017, most probably when Yamaha started with the dispatches of R15 version 3, it outsold the CBR. However, for the last month (June 2017), R15 v3 has been outclassed by both – the CBR and even the GSX-R150 (sales table below)!

CBR outdoing the R15 in Indonesia is in stark contrast with the scenario here in India. In our market, CBR 150R never came close to the R15 during its complete lifecycle. We have analysed the scenario in this article – R15 vs CBR 150R: a Battle That Never Was

Though it is too early to comment on R15 v3’s sales based on the last two months data but the fall this month may lead us to believe that bikers will not be shy of moving to Honda or even Suzuki’s showrooms considering the hefty price increment the motorcycle now comes at.

R15 vs CBR150R vs GSX-R150 Sales

Sport 150cc
January 2017 7,513 units 2,116 units * 1.552 uniy
February 2017 7,568 units 2,268 units * 4,128 units
March 2017 5,591 units 1,697 units * 1,954 units
April 2017 5,139 units 5,820 units 1.633 units
May 2017
7,241 units 52 units * +
8,474 units
3,897 units
June 2017 4,062 units 2932 units 3,779 units

Note: * Old R15

This (price increase) is precisely the reason why we think Yamaha will NOT launch the R15 v3 in India anytime soon.

Check prices of all three motorcycles

Nonetheless, if all these motorcycles were available in India – in their LATEST AVATARS – which one would have you bought?

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