2017 Duke 390 Pictorial Preview & Gallery [42 Pics]

The new-gen Duke 390 is finally here and we present to you a quick pictorial preview of the motorcycle, followed by its 42 pic gallery…

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2017 Duke 390 Preview [Pictorial]

First up – the side by side pic of the new and the outgoing Duke 390…. Clearly, the 2017 version appears to be a lot more evolved and looks modern
From the sides – notice the curves and edges…
The underbelly exhaust of the old Duke 390 is replaced by this side slung unit. They say it also provides a better aural experience…
Duke 390 continues with Bosch sourced twin channel ABS, Bybre sourced disc brakes and Metzeler tyres.
This new white extension is the extended sub frame of this Trellis frame. The engine now gets 2 extra Nm of torque.
Trademark twin tail lamps design on the new Dukes.
Brand new inclusion – a colourful TFT display which can be paired with your smartphone via bluetooth and provides a host of new features…

The 20 unit all LED headlamps. This picture showcases the lit up LED DRLs.
This is how it looks with all the LEDs lit up
A closer view of the instrument cluster showing how it displays information.
These buttons on the switchgear control the TFT Screen and its pairing with smartphones
A view from the top. KTM also says that the RVMs are wider for better view
Orange theme to the rims continues. The 250 and 390 rims are identical whereas the 200 has slight difference
Adjustable levers – both brake and clutch. You can adjust the distance from the grip) based on your hand size and comfort

2017 Duke 390 Pics Gallery

Duke 390 Official Pics

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