2017 Duke 390 – 7 Features Nobody Told You About

The latest revelation – the new-gen Duke 390 is here and is more feature loaded than before. Yes, apart from that stonker of a motor, KTM has lent some two-segment high features in the motorcycle and obviously, this has resulted in a fairly significant price increment. But despite that, the motorcycle still remains bang for the buck.

You can read about its launch here and on road prices and deliveries here.

2017 Duke 390 Features

Here are seven of the little known but handy features of the new Duke 390 which you may not know about…

  • Number of LEDs – You know that 2017 Duke 390 comes with a split all-LED headlamp but do you know how many are present? New Duke 390’s headlamp constitutes of 20 LEDs. LEDs, apart from providing better illumination, also help in lower battery consumption.
  • Adjustable Levers – Both the clutch and (front) brake levers are adjustable. You can alter them (the distance between the grips and levers) based on your hand size and comfort.
  • Upside Down Suspension – The open cartridge USDs in the new Duke are height adjustable, have better leakage protection and offer improved ride quality according to KTM.

  • Rear View Mirrors – KTM also reveals that the new Duke 390 comes with wider rear view mirrors for better view of what’s happening behind you.
  • Paint – The paint on the new Duke 390 is UV resistant. KTM says it does not fade away when the motorcycle remains in sunlight for long.
  • Starter – The motorcycle comes with a soft touch contactless magnetically induced cranking.
  • EVAP System – This prevents loss of fuel due to evaporation. They claim that it helps increase the fuel economy of the motorcycle by 4 to 5 percent!

So, how many did you know about before reading this article..?

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