New Entrant: Prevail Electric to Launch 3 e-Scooters Soon

Prevail Electric is the latest entrant into the electric 2-wheeler space. Its upcoming scooters have top speeds of upto 80 kph and range of 110 km…

The EV market in India is booming right now. Taking advantage of the big Government push, new electric mobility firms are busy setting up their base in the country. A new EV maker Prevail Electric is all set to launch its debut offering – three electric scooters.

These scooters are called as Elite, Finesse, and Wolfury. All of these scooters can support a load of up to 200kg.

Prevail Elite

Elite is the most premium of these scooters and can reach a top speed of 80km/h. It can cover 110 km of distance in a full charge. It takes around 4 hours to charge up its Li-ion battery completely.

Prevail electric

Elite offers a meter console with an LCD display that has route navigation, helps manage phone calls on the go, and you can also listen to music. Yes, all that hands-free.

Prevail Wolfury

Prevail electric

Prevail’s entry-level offering Wolfury is designed as a moped with an aggressive face. It has a top speed of 50km/h and offers a range of 110km in a full charge. 4 hours is the standard charging time for this EV as well. Wolfury deploys a 12-tube brushless controller with a single-click fix.

Prevail Finesse

Sitting between these two is the Finesse that has a top speed of 60kph. The rider can cover up to 110 km with a full charge. It also takes 4 hours to charge the Finesse from 0 to 100%.

Prevail electric

All three scooters from Prevail are made using high-tensile steel. They also use aluminum alloy wheel hubs. These e-scooters weigh about 80kg sans the battery which is swappable ie users can swap their juiced out batteries with fully charged ones, almost instantly. There is no need to wait for charging times – a model that Hero Gogoro will also follow upon launch.

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Prevail Electric also offers USB charging on all of its scooters. Additionally, on all the models of Prevail electric scooters, the customer will get 3-years of warranty and OEM servicing.

These EV scooters can climb up to 30-degree and deploy hydraulic damping for avoiding shock for a smooth riding experience. The scooters also provide 5 speed changing options and has LED lighting on all of them. Prices of these scooters will be announced upon launch.

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Hemant Bhatt the CEO of Prevail Electric aims to introduce more products in the coming times depending on the demand. He envisions a hypergrowth in the EV sector in the near future which his brand can tap into successfully.