Planning To Buy A Two-Wheeler For Daily Use? Here’s Why You Should Consider TVS Jupiter

When you are looking for a sturdy and good-looking two-wheeler that will support you in any situation, TVS Jupiter is the best option you can get. It is the ideal two-wheeler you can buy for daily use that requires minimal care and gives great returns on your investment. Here are the reasons why TVS Jupiter is increasingly popular amongst both ends of the demographic.

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Reasons to consider TVS Jupiter

Suitable for all ages – The height of this two-wheeler is comfortable for people with varying heights. There is enough leg space for people with long legs too. The ample space under the seat is added bonus. If you require more space to put your groceries, then get the utility basket attached to the front. There are many colours available, and you can take your pick. There is something for everyone. Depending on what you will use it for, you can also decide on the accessories.

Good looks – There is no doubt that TVS Jupiter is one of the good-looking two-wheelers on the market. The stylish angles and well-placed curves look dashing, and you cannot take your eyes off TVS Jupiter. Many colour combinations are available that add flair to

the other attractive shape of this two-wheeler.

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Non-fussy vehicle – TVS Jupiter is relatively easy to maintain. Regular services are the key to maintaining it and ensuring it runs smoothly. The only cost you can incur is frequent oil changes, insurance, and so on. The cost of insurance should be considered as TVS Jupiter insurance is not only a legal mandate but also helps you save money when an accident occurs. After comparing multiple policies, you can get insurance online and get the best features and benefits.

Great mileage – This 125 CC engine is known to give you great mileage of about 50 kmpl. There are two modes when riding this two-wheeler, and your mileage depends on which one you use frequently. The Eco mode is the fuel-saving mode, and the power mode is the one where you can easily cruise up to 95 kmph. Despite being suitable for the city, the high mileage makes this two-wheeler more profitable than any of its peers.

Useful features – Many useful features are added to the various models of TVS Jupiter. The multi-functional keyhole opens the fuel lid, the seat, USB port, boot lamp, and a parking brake too. These features make the experience of the user better. The external fuel lid ensures you don’t have to be inconvenienced whenever you are fueling up. The easy-to-operate centre stand ensures it is not hard for people with physical limitations to put the two-wheeler on a stand.

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Smooth rides – The smooth rides on TVS Jupiter are possible due to the anti-slip seat. The seat itself is long and wide enough for two adults to sit comfortably. The two-wheeler is best for city roads and is not meant for off-roading. The suspensions are good for smoother roads and will easily overcome small bumps and stones.

Performance reviews – There have been many discussions and comparisons between TVS Jupiter and Honda Activa. However, TVS Jupiter has amazing performance coupled with a reasonable price. If you look at the reviews left by past users, you will realise how big a role this two-wheeler has played in their life. The performance on the road and actual mileage are close to the one on paper. There have been very few breakdown cases and no consistent defects have been identified so far. The performance reviews clearly show that TVS Jupiter is loved by all customers who have decided to invest in it.

Easy to handle – TVS Jupiter is easy to handle and not very heavy. It can be maneuvered through traffic efficiently. It is very important for users with lesser strength. It is one of the reasons why this two-wheeler is the perfect one for those looking to buy their children their first two-wheeler. It is stable and does not shake at higher speeds. The comfort zone of this two-wheeler is between 30 kmph to 60 kmph. The smooth handling is also essential for those who are travelling with their family member on the two-wheeler with groceries. It increases the utility of the two-wheeler and is the best companion in every facet of life.

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It is clear that TVS Jupiter is an asset, and like all other assets, this needs to be protected too. If there is no external issue, this two-wheeler can be your loyal companion for years to come. One way to avoid this is to buy two wheeler insurance and ensure you are protected against the law and against any financial liabilities as well.

If you choose to buy insurance, you can be protected against any costs you may have to incur in case of a collision. The third party insurance ensures you do not have to pay anything for the third party damages from your pocket. In contrast, comprehensive insurance protects your vehicle as well. A two wheeler insurance is your back-up plan in case of an accident. It ensures your savings stay intact in any case.

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