Petrol or Electric? Hero Electric Says You Can Save 1.38 Lac with Electric 2W

Petrol scooter or electric scooter – which one should I buy? Which one will be more economical to run? Here is a sample calculation by Hero Electric…

With the growing call (and the need) for alternate fuels to propel our commutation needs, electricity run vehicles have one of the fastest adoption rate in the world. India has also joined the global call and is pushing usage of electric vehicles in the country.

At this nascent stage, the early adopters or the fence sitters have one big question – Electric or Petrol? What should I buy so that I can end up saving more in my ownership years? Hero Electric, one of the most prominent electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India has put a chart which depicts your net expenditure in three years.

Petrol Scooter or Electric Scooter

Here is their calculation…


HeadPetrol BikeElectric Bike
Buying CostRs 70,000Rs 60,000
Daily Running50 km50 km
Fuel Efficiency/Mileage40 km/liter100 km per charge
Fuel/Electricity CostRs 73 per literRs 14 per 1.5 units
MaintenanceRs 7500 per yearRs 20,000 per year
Time Period3 Years3 Years
petrol scooter or electric scooter
Mainstream makers like Bajaj, TVS are also now selling electric scooters in India…

After three years here is how much you will spend on both the vehicles..

HeadPetrol BikeElectric Bike
Total Petrol/Electricity ExpensesRs 98,550Rs 7560
Total Cost of MaintenanceRs 60,000Rs 22,500
Gross Expenditure (including bike’s cost)Rs 2,28,550Rs 90,060
You can find this calculation here

So, according to Hero Electric, you will end up saving a whopping Rs 1,38,490 if you buy an electric bike over a petrol bike. With these savings you can afford two electric vehicles at the same time and still save a lot of money.

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However, there are a few assumptions that appear to be exaggerated – like the fuel efficiency of entry level petrol vehicles is generally higher (than 40 kpl) and maintenance cost is not so high.

Moreover, Hero has not added the cost of the battery which will need a replacement after 3-5 years and it is the single biggest part of investment you will have to make while owning e-vehicles.

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So, treat these figures as just indicative but we must add that battery prices and quality of products are improving by leaps and bounds and so is the overall electric vehicle technology. Government is pushing private parties to open up electric vehicle charging stations which will take care of your “what if my battery dies midway?” worries…

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Obviously, this is apart from saving our environment from the the harmful CO2 and other green house gases.