Chetak vs iQube Sales – So How Many Units are e-Scooters Doing?

More than the direct rivalry – Chetak vs iQube sales we intend to present the overall scenario of the electric two-wheelers at the moment in this story…

March couldn’t have gotten any worse for most of the major or minor auto makers present in India. Nonetheless, we will talk about the total sales and the impact of the lockdown in a separate story. For now, let us take your attention to the upcoming big thing in India – electric 2-wheelers! Why ‘upcoming‘? Because it is still at a very very nascent stage, as sales will tell you.

We have the following prominent all-electric 2-wheelers in India…

  • Revolt RV400/RV300
  • Ather 450
  • Bajaj Chetak
  • TVS iQube

Revolt and Ather aren’t a part of SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) and they do not share their sales numbers. So, we do not know how many units are they doing per month. But Bajaj and TVS are a part of SIAM and we do have their numbers. TVS has revealed iQube’s numbers for the first time in the monthly sales report that we have received just now.

Chetak vs iQube Sales

So, how many units have they sold..?

In March 2020

  • Chetak – 91 units
  • iQube – 18 units

Total till now?

  • Chetak – 212 units
  • iQube – 62 units
Chetak vs iQube sales

As you can see these are very minimal 2-digits/low-3-digit numbers which in simple terms, are too low for enterprises of such magnitude. If we simply multiple their average ex-showroom prices with the number of units sold so far, here is how much both the companies would earn from them..

  • Bajaj – ~2.25 Crore
  • TVS – ~71.30 Lakh

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A part of the reason is that these scooters are currently available only to a very limited audience in a couple of cities only. And that is because of the lack of charging infrastructure available in the country. However, this is how new segments/genres start and once our junta starts liking the taste of electric scooters, these companies will gradually move to bigger and better numbers, for sure.

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Now, who here would want to predict the earliest month/year when these scoots will move to 1000 units a month? I am betting at the festive season of 2021! You…?

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… And before we end here is a bonus video for all of you who want to know what’s special with our BS6 2-wheelers…?