Opinion: Is Jawa Shooting Itself on the Foot?

Was Jawa Perak a necessity at this point?

If this is not shooting yourself on the foot then what is? What is Jawa trying to do is beyond comprehension. Here is the quick list of gaffes it has committed..

  1. It announced the official price of Perak (Rs 1.89 Lakh) back in November 2018 and without getting launched, the motorcycle has become costlier!
  2. It was hinted then that deliveries would commence from early 2019. We are at the end of this year and the motorcycle has just got launched, the second time!
  3. Now after a big delay, when people had put the bobber in the backburner, Jawa has again reignited the motorcycle at its first anniversary in India.
  4. Surprisingly, even after yesterday’s official announcement, Jawa has promised to deliver the motorcycle only from April 2020 onwards – that is again a wait time of additional 5 months!

More Powerful Jawa Perak BS6 Finally Launched at 1.94 Lakh

Why this could backfire for the brand?

Going by the history, it appears that they will even slip April 2020 but let us, for an instant, consider that Jawa starts ‘proper’ deliveries of its Perak, won’t the customers of Jawa and Forty Two, many of whom are waiting for the last ten months, feel cheated and betrayed?

Jawa perak
Perak, as a product, looks brilliant…

Apart from the fact that Jawa wants to be in the news (excluding its delivery related issues), there is actually no logical reason of waking up the Perak at this point of time!

New Production Line for Perak; Why NOT for Jawa & Forty Two?

According to a report at Money Control, Jawa says, it will setup a dedicated production line for Perak so that both the Jawa and Forty Two do not get affected. Our question is – if you have/had the capacity and resources, why was this line not setup to clear the massive backlog of your two motorcycles which were actually launched one year back with customers waiting for the last many many months?

Then there is this mysterious disappearance of Jawa from the sales charts. After sharing its sales numbers for the first few months, Jawa has silently stopped disclosing how many units is it delivering/dispatching, putting another question mark to the transparency of its operations! More details here.

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As a product, Perak looks ominous and it deserves a lot of numbers but in essence it has the potential to backfire for the brand. On this context, one of our friend Narendra said…

It’ll be called ‘Perak Anniversary Edition’ by the time deliveries begin. 😀