Why Has JAWA Stopped Sharing Sales Numbers?

Jawa sales numbers are not being shared by the company after the initial few months. There is no reason or justification of this move by the retro classic maker…

Everybody, including us, is saying that the resurrected Jawa brand has been received very well in the Indian market. However, nobody knows ‘how well?‘! Most of the reports are based on the euphoria seen on the internet. However, there are no numbers to talk about.

All the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) share dispatch numbers every month which are considered as eventual sales. Mahindra does that for its Mojo and other products, however, its subsidiary Jawa does NOT! It must be noted that Jawa did share its monthly numbers for the first three months. Here they are..

Jawa Sales Numbers

  • January 2019 – 44
  • February 2019 – 130
  • March 2019 – 54

But after that it stopped revealing its sales numbers without providing any reason whatsoever! We thought after a gap of few months, we would get to see figures again, but that has not just happened!

This, kind of, puts the maker under the scanner and shares that not everything is right within the company’s distribution channel. We have examples of customers waiting for their motorcycles since last year ever since Jawa opened bookings. A few customers reportedly booked their Jawas 10 months ago and still haven’t received their motorcycles.

Jawa sales
According to Jawa’s initial plans, this Perak bobber was to be ready by this time, however, as it appears, it may not be delivery-ready even in the months to come!

This is a massive time period and if Jawa has not been able to sort its production constraints even till now (it is about to complete one year of operations), it should have been transparent with its dispatch/sales numbers. Hiding them from public view further puts them under the scanner!

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And it’s not just the pending bookings and that terribly long wait that are causes of concern, we have read a few online forums where customers claim that some of them have been facing issues related to the booking cancellations and refunds as well.

Jawa Cancels a Customer’s Booking for Spreading ‘Confusion’

Let us hope Jawa irons out all its production issues and customers receive their motorcycles soon. It would further help Jawa’s image if it remains transparent with its sales numbers, specially during these times…

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