Want Immediate Delivery of Jawa? Try This Anniversary Edition

Jawa Special Edition price has not been jacked up and it is available at the cost of the regular model. We list the changes and how you can get one…

Jawa motorcycles has officially launched its 90th anniversary edition in India. This version is based on the current Jawa Classic and is inspired by the Jawa 500 OHV which was Jawa’s first motorcycle which it produced back in the 1929, in Czechoslovakia. Jawa has promised immediate delivery of these motorcycles to its customers.


The anniversary edition comes in a special colour theme of Jawa 500 OHV with a single shade of red and ivory. It has a 90th Anniversary emblem on the tank and will also feature an individual serial number for exclusivity.


You are eligible to buy this motorcycle if you are in the queue for a Jawa with a valid booking number or if you book one before the midnight of 22nd October 2019.

How Will it be Decided

Since Jawa has announced that it will only produce 90 units of this motorcycle, it is obvious that there has to be some mechanism to decide the final buyers. And that mechanism is ‘Lucky Draw’. Jawa will conduct a lucky draw for all people who are eligible and show interest in this motorcycle. The 90 chosen ones will be allotted their individual motorcycle and Jawa informs that these machines will immediately be dispatched to respective locations so that they can be handed over to all the winning customers.

For all the people who do not get selected in the process will go back to their booking queues in the same sequence.

Jawa special edition price

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Jawa Special Edition Price

Unlike what we though, there is no premium that Jawa is charging and this special edition of the motorcycle has been priced at Rs 1.73 Lakh which is also the ex-showroom Delhi price of the standard Jawa Classic dual-channel ABS model.

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So, if the wait is getting longer and/or you prefer exclusivity, you can try getting the special Jawa. You can always cancel your booking if you do not win, or do not want to wait…