Old vs New – Apache 310 Exhaust Note Compared

Check out the Apache 310 exhaust note comparison of the older model vs the 2019 version…

TVS recently updated its Apache 310 in India and apart from Race Tuned Slipper Clutch, the 2019 version comes with a lot of betterments. As we have talked in our review the new motorcycle is smoother and appeared to have a slight little better pull/performance.

TVS has also ironed out some issues like the inclusion of chain roller (for reduced chain noise), heavier bar end weights and rubber liner on the windshield (for lesser vibrations and noise). Apart from all of this, I believe there is a slightly different tune from that exhaust note.

Fortunately, we have exhaust notes of both the motorcycles from the same venue of Madras Motor Track and both from their respective first media rides. Let us hear them up…

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Old vs New – Apache 310 Exhaust Note Comparison

Older Apache 310

2019 Apache 310

2019 Apache 310 Review – Impressions

The 2019 model is more refined and slightly gruntier. Also the metallic noises from within the engine are also lesser than before. After listening to both of them back to back what do you think…?