How to Fit Slipper Clutch in Older Apache 310: Price & Details

How to Fit Slipper Clutch on Older Apache 310: If you own the older Apache 310, you can get your motorcycle retrofitted with the race tuned slipper clutch as well. Here is “how to?” and its priceā€¦

After its first unveiling in December 2017, Apache 310 was recently updated as the 2019 year model. The most prominent change is the introduction of race tuned slipper clutch. TVS says that they have conducted 200+ hours on the track to fine tune the feedback from the unit.

We test rode the new model at Madras Motor Track and we could notice the feedback from the clutch has improved, its pull is relatively lighter and the motorcycle does not throw its rear upon quick downshifting at high speeds. You can read more about the slipper clutch and new model’s details in our quick review.

Now the good news is that TVS is not forgetting its existing owners of their biggest. All Apache 310 owners recently received a new ECU update which improved the response of the motor as well as smoothed out the ride. This is the same ECU set-up that has gone to the new 2019 Apache 310 as well.

How to Fit Slipper Clutch on Older Apache 310
This is the new Phantom Black colour – new metallic sheen with white/red stripes. Matte Black is discontinued.

How to Fit Slipper Clutch on Older Apache 310

Moreover, you can also get your older Apache 310 retrofitted with the same Race Tuned Slipper Clutch.

  • The slipper clutch will be made available as a powerpart at TVS dealerships.
  • Just contact your nearest Apache 310 dealership and schedule an appointment.
  • Visit the service centre and get it retrofitted on your motorcycle.

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Slipper Clutch Part Price

All you need to pay the TVS dealership is Rs 3950 which is the price of the RT Slipper Clutch including the fitting/labour charges. In comparison, TVS has hiked the price of the new 2019 Apache 310 by Rs 2600 and it now costs Rs 2.27 Lakh ex-showroom Delhi.