We are Coming Up With Next Model (with BMW): TVS CEO Confirms

Considering the result (Apache 310), second TVS 310 motorcycle will be extremely exciting as we believe. CEO has confirmed it is under works…

Couple of days back we did a story which informed that TVS will launch their second co-developed motorcycle with BMW within this financial year. However, we labelled it as a ‘speculation’ because it (the info) was coming from a third party.

Second TVS 310 Motorcycle

But here comes the official confirmation from KN Radhakrishnan, President and CEO of TVS Motor Company. In a word to Money Control, Mr Radhakrishnan has confirmed that they are developing the second product, however, he did not elaborate on the specifics of the model. He said..

Both the BMW products are doing extremely well, and the market acceptance of these products are very good. Now [our recent] product is also doing well. We are coming up with another model. Closer to launch there, [we can share] what exactly is the model.

For the launch of new products, capacity expansion etc, TVS has earmarked a capex of Rs 650 crores this financial year. TVS has been manufacturing all the three 310 motorcycles – the Apache 310 (sold under TVS’ banner) as well as the G310 R and G310 GS (retailed through BMW’s network).

Second TVS 310 motorcycle
Apache 310 is a brilliant attempt. Click on the pic to read detailed review of the motorcycle…

It is not known what form will TVS’ second 310 model adorn since there have been no leaks or spy pics so far. Whatever it will be, we believe, it could debut the BSVI version of the 311cc engine which propels the current crop of motorcycles from this partnership.

Apart from this, TVS is also planning an electric vehicle this fiscal. Again, there is no confirmation on its specifics but it could be based on the Creon scooter TVS showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo. So, exciting times ahead from this Chennai based maker…