Okinawa Starts Home Delivery of its Scooters FREE

Okinawa home delivery of 2-wheelers promises as lesser physical contact as possible. And this service is being offered free of cost…

If there is one electric maker that has been making positive noise in this COVID-19 era, it has to be Okinawa. We were surprised to see it rank as the top seller in the high-speed electric scooters in India in the last financial year. Check out the numbers here.

In a latest update, Okinawa has started home deliveries of its e-scooters. This service is being offered free of cost to all the customers who book the vehicle from the official website. Once the scooter is ready, it is dispatched to the respective customer’s address through select channel partners.

Okinawa says this is done to ensure as lesser physical contact as possible. The company intends to follow safe procedures for all its stakeholders. The delivery process will ensure minimal contact; delivery scooter will be thoroughly sanitized and the temperature check of the delivery personnel will also be recorded.

Okinawa home delivery
A glimpse from inside Okinawa’s facility…

This service was kick-started on 15th August and is limited to Bangalore city for now. Okinawa will study the results and has plans to spread it to more cities across India.

Top Speed – 70 Kph | 110 Km Range in 3 Hr Charge – Okinawa Praise Pro

Okinawa has a range of electric scooters and is running various offers for its customers during this pandemic. It has promised to launch the new OKI 100 electric motorcycle which has a top speed of 100 kph in the market very soon (more details).