TVS Owned Norton Asks Existing V4SS Owners to Stop Riding Their Bikes

Norton V4SS issues identified by the new company are potentially very hazardous and can cause loss of control while riding. A solution is being discussed…

Liberating itself from the clutches of the older owner, the iconic Norton brand is now live and kicking. India motorcycle maker TVS Motor has acquired the brand after it went into administration.

TVS is taking progressive steps and has restarted production after moving to a bigger, better facility. It has formed a new leadership team and is expanding its pool of engineers as well.

The new company formed after this transition has found out at least 35 major defects in the Norton V4SS motorcycles that were manufactured and sold by the previous owner. These problems could result in engine seizures, fires apart from other potentially dangerous results, including loss of control of the motorcycle.

The new Norton has informed all the current owners of the affected V4SS motorcycles about this and considering the hazards this could have, it has recommended them not to ride their motorcycles and disconnect the bike’s batteries till the company tries to resolve them.

It must be noted that TVS owned Norton is a newly-formed separate company and does not hold any legal obligation to the issues that may arise from the actions of the previous owners.

Norton V4SS issues
Work is underway in the new Solihull facility. The new-gen V4SS will be rolled out from here…

The company has, however, informed BDO about the issues and the kind of repairs that are required in what is estimated to be a pool of around 55 defective bikes. If the recommendations and legal hassles are sorted positively, the existing owners will get a compensation. The quantum of the amount that will be disbursed is not known yet.

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The good news from the new company is that it has already announced a new-generation V4SS model that will be manufactured with utmost precision and will be launched soon. You may want to have a look at it here.

Source – MCN