Has TVS Started Dispatches of New 2021 Apache 310…?

New Apache 310 launch dates will be announced very soon but has it already reached dealerships? This looks very possible to us…

TVS surprised us by sending an innovative media invite for the ride of what clearly was the new Apache RR 310. The picture frame they sent had my caricature along with an unclear picture of the biggest Apache. The ride was scheduled to take place at the usual hunting ground – MMRT, Chennai (so the updates have to be big). Just a few days ahead of the schedule, the event was cancelled because of the raging COVID-19 pandemic which was very logical. This, we are talking about April 2021.

Head of the Corporate Communication department of the company informed that while the ride has been pushed, the company will conduct a digital launch of the motorcycle and information would be shared with us (more details).

Now, let us talk about any company’s plans around a new launch. Once a product is given a green flag, production plan is carefully designed so that there is a seamless end to sift out the older model from the lines. Simultaneously, a new product enters the production lines to minimize loss. However, there have been clear instances when we have noticed dips between updates.

Now considering that TVS was ready with its 2021 Apache 310 back in April, its mass production should have commenced around March or April to ensure seamless transition. While going through the factory dispatch numbers, we see a dip in February 2021 numbers (169 units – which is the lowest figure for the motorcycle for the complete FY21). There is a possibility that TVS may have switched around this month.

new apache 310 launch dates

In the two subsequent months of March and April, TVS had shipped 435 and 295 units to dealerships respectively. It doesn’t look logical that the company will stuff dealerships with the older model (in such high numbers) specially when everybody knows that an update is round the corner.

Apache 310 Sales Grow by 47 Percent in FY21

So, in all probability the dealerships may already have (or will soon have) the new model and they will start displaying/delivering once TVS officially announces its launch – which may be anytime soon. This, obviously, does not hold true if TVS had planned to switch production one or two months after the media ride/launch (that was scheduled around 7-8th April). And this looks unlikely!

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