Another One – Within 2 Months Maestro Edge 125 Prices Hiked

Maestro Edge 125 latest prices have increased by a nominal amount, but the question is – wasn’t this considered 2 months back?

It is beyond our understanding how can manufacturers justify price hikes for very recently launched products. New product prices are decided after intense internal discussions after taking various factors into consideration, including the foreseeable few months at least! So, how can they just increase them in a month or two!

Maestro Edge 125 was showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo, however, it was launched very recently, on the 13th of May. Hardly have they started with dispatches and deliveries of their flagship scooter, we can see a price hike already! Not more than a few hundred (or at max thousand people) would have received the scooter and Hero has revised the prices.

The quantum of hike may or may not be high but it is inappropriate to increase prices of brand new products within a few days or weeks of its first announcement. It just shows a company’s indecisiveness – holds for each and every manufacturer who does that!

Anyway, coming to the scooter – Maestro Edge 125 is offered in three variants. Here are their prices and comparison with the older ones…

Maestro Edge 125 Latest Prices

VariantOriginal PricesLatest Prices (July 2019)
Carb Drum58,50059,000
Carb Disc60,00060,500

Xtreme 200R – Third Price Hike in 9 Months: Total Increase ₹3900

The price hike is Rs 500 across all the variants and the scoot continues to be offered with the same 125 cc engine which is capable of producing 8.7 bhp of peak power at 6750 rpm and 10.2 Nm of max torque at 5000 rpm. The fuel injected version churns out slightly higher 9.1 hp of power at 7000 rpm.

‘Karizma is NOT Discontinued’, Says Hero

Maestro Edge 125 Latest Prices
Prices of Pleasure plus, which was launched alongside the Maestro 125, have remained unchanged

Xtreme 200S Price Hiked Within 2 Months, Xpulse NOT Touched

Maestro Edge 125 is Hero second scooter after Destini 125 in this segment and Hero hopes to do good here after getting disappointing results in the 100-110cc segment where they are consistently losing numbers…