KTM – India vs Indonesia: Duke 200 Single-Handedly Outsells All KTMs in Indonesia

KTM Sales: Duke 200’s one Month Indian Sales Are More Than Ten Month Sales of Complete KTM Lineup in Indonesia…

We have often seen manufacturers preferring the Indonesian market over India in launching mid-capacity sports bikes. Many of these bikes do not make it to our market at all or if they do, it happens much later. Quite clearly sales is the primary reason however, how local production can change all of that and KTM is the best example we have.

Let me give you the comparison of sales data of KTM motorcycles in India against Indonesia and how things are skewed towards one market. Sales data for Indonesia is sourced from TMC Blog whereas Indian numbers are sourced from SIAM sales figures.

KTM Sales in Indonesia

KTM sells the Duke 200, Duke 250, RC 200, RC 250 as well as the Duke 390 in Indonesia. They probably do not have the RC 390.

KTM does not sell the RC390 in Indonesia

Now, take a look at this graph – sales numbers of KTM motorcycles sold in Indonesia from January to October 2017 ie for 10 months!

KTM Sales in India

KTM sells the Duke 200, RC 200, Duke 250, Duke 390 and RC 390 in India. We still do not have the RC 250 in the domestic market but KTM has been spotted testing it recently.

KTM is testing RC250 in India. Click pic to view spy pics

Here is the sales table of KTM motorcycles for the single month of November 2017.

Duke + RC 200 Duke 250 Duke + RC 390
1966 419 430

Quick Pointers

  • With 2815 unit sales in November 2017, KTM India’s sales for a single month are much higher than 1944 units – sales of KTM Indonesia in 10 months!
  • Unlike in India where Duke 200 is the largest selling motorcycle, Indonesia prefers the Duke 250 more. The difference is, however, very less between Duke 200 and Duke 250 of about 70 units in Indonesia.
  • The Duke 390 does not appear to be very popular in Indonesia, whereas in India the 390 twins outsell the Duke 250!
Duke 200 is a massive seller for KTM India

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It must be known that KTM has a very small presence in Indonesia, of about 16 dealers at the moment, which is paltry when compared to nearly 500 KTM showrooms in India. And since the KTM motorcycles are made in India, we directly get the price advantage and all KTMs are the least priced in India.

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This should also serve as a reckoner that if manufacturers make in India they will be rewarded!