Karizma Vs. Pulsar 220 Fi Vs. Apache RTR

New bike buyers who are ready to invest money in the premium segment, need to have a careful consideration of the existing models and their performance. The Pulsar and the Karizma closely compete with each other in terms of price and engine capacity and the Apache RTR falls a little behind being a 160cc engine.

If you are in a mood to shell out close to 1 lakh for your bike, my recommendation is to go for Karizma. Some of the reasons would be, 1. Hero Honda is the largest bike manufacturer in India and definitely takes great care in the consistency of quality in its units. 2. The technology is borrowed from Honda, and no one needs to tell you how famous the Hondas are around the globe. 3. The Overdrive show from the CNBC recommends it. Here is a video taken from YouTube which compares the three bikes. The video is pretty old and does not include the Yamaha R15, but still it is a great piece of information for those of you who are confused between Pulsar 220 and Karizma.

Video, courtesy of CNBC TV 18.

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These bikes are definitely not enough for bike enthusiasts in India. Since the major profits for the companies lie in 100 – 150cc segment, all the energy is focussed on mass selling of middle segment bikes. And the superbikes such as Yamaha R1 are way beyond the reach of a common indian youth and does not make sense to buy one because even if you have the money, you don’t have the kind of roads in India which these bikes demand.

I think that the real deal is going to be with the launch of rumored Karizma Fi, which is expected to have a displacement of 250 – 300cc and Hero Honda will position itself as the creator of a new segment of biking in India as it did with the launch of Karizma in 2003. And we also expect Kawasaki Ninja to be rolled out in the second half of 2009. Anyway, great days ahead for the Indian bike community.