New bike buyers who are ready to invest money in the premium segment, need to have a careful consideration of the existing models and their performance. The Pulsar and the Karizma closely compete with each other in terms of price and engine capacity and the Apache RTR falls a little behind being a 160cc engine.

If you are in a mood to shell out close to 1 lakh for your bike, my recommendation is to go for Karizma. Some of the reasons would be, 1. Hero Honda is the largest bike manufacturer in India and definitely takes great care in the consistency of quality in its units. 2. The technology is borrowed from Honda, and no one needs to tell you how famous the Hondas are around the globe. 3. The Overdrive show from the CNBC recommends it. Here is a video taken from YouTube which compares the three bikes. The video is pretty old and does not include the Yamaha R15, but still it is a great piece of information for those of you who are confused between Pulsar 220 and Karizma.

Video, courtesy of CNBC TV 18.

And to know more about Karizma, the following stories may be of your interest.

And if you are interested in knowing how Yamaha R15 competes with Karizma, visit Karizma Vs. R15.

These bikes are definitely not enough for bike enthusiasts in India. Since the major profits for the companies lie in 100 – 150cc segment, all the energy is focussed on mass selling of middle segment bikes. And the superbikes such as Yamaha R1 are way beyond the reach of a common indian youth and does not make sense to buy one because even if you have the money, you don’t have the kind of roads in India which these bikes demand.

I think that the real deal is going to be with the launch of rumored Karizma Fi, which is expected to have a displacement of 250 – 300cc and Hero Honda will position itself as the creator of a new segment of biking in India as it did with the launch of Karizma in 2003. And we also expect Kawasaki Ninja to be rolled out in the second half of 2009. Anyway, great days ahead for the Indian bike community.


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  1. hi deepak
    yeah i completely agree with you, even with hayabusa and intruder, r1 and mt 01 though now these bikes are available in india driving these bikes on indian roads is a nightmare for the owners.

    there are no roads for such bikes in india

    the traffic and sudden happenings of people or animals crossing roads

    fuel quality as these bikes run only on 97 octane

    dust and other such damaging aspects prevalent in india

    unavailability of spares during emergencies

    qualified experienced service personnel, we must remember india is still in its infancy in superbiking, no owner would want their superbikes to be experimented by trial and error before the service men gain experience as they might mess up the bikes

    potholes, huge bumps etc will damage the undersides of the superbikes

    the tires will last for just 1500-2000 kms so frequent tire changing and unavailability of specefic tires is a pain

    and so many other such factors ensure even if you have the money a superbike is not fitting in the indian context and a karizma fi or p220 and ninja 250 and lastly r15 and fz16 are the best bet for india.

    india is atleast still another 10 years behind in all aspects of biking

  2. All these 3 bikes really rock but the Karizma really is the king of the road as Deepak would never forget to say 😉
    The Apache gives you the same adrenaline rush as the other bikes but at a lesser price. Its Petal disc really rocks. You can really stop where you want and it has this great initial pull.
    The other bikes, relatively heavier tend to beat the Apache at higher speeds.

    PS: The Apache featured in the above video is not an Efi. Its the carb version(refresh)

  3. Hey Anand, it seems that you have been following my posts closely and noted that I am a die hard fan of Karizma. 🙂

    And I checked the video again, the guy says its Apache RTR Fi only!

  4. We really don’t have good premium bikes. While the Karizma is a good bike, it lacks power and technology. The Pulsar 220 looks like a grown up Pulsar 150 and the Apache is not suited to tall riders and lacks power. The R15 lacks displacement. While the R15 is the best track bike, it still can improve. We want more power, atleast 30bhp 🙂

  5. Yeah Deepak the guy ‘says’ its an FI, but check the stripe on the front mud guard. Its continuous unlike the triangular separated one in the FI. Its the carb version….:-)

  6. hey, as per me apache 160 fi is a gud machine.priced at 69k it has d best handling of all at speeds above 100 too, unlike d zma nd d 220!cmin on to mileage it gives 40-45(when screwd), which is pretty gud. i myself hav defeated d 220 in a small drag,initial pik up of d apache fi is terrific,no doubt that in a long race 220 will finally stand out as a winner coz of d 220 cc engine churning out 20 bhp.but still compare d prices 220 4 91k givin 30-35 mileage. nd rtr fi 4 69k givin 40-45!!! if money isnt a prob ,one sud go 4 d r15,else d rtr fi rulz in d racing circuit.

  7. I totoally disagree on the cnbc overdrive video, it depends on the driver who wins the race, but I agree that the Apache RTR is a great bike, in handling and power delivery, i dont hav a RTR but i had riden it with one of my friends bike on a trip, and i am big fan of it since then, an ulitmate racing machine, for a person who wants to race, will go fast always.

  8. Hi deepak,

    I have driven all the three bike’s and i am stuck on the karizma for last five years i have owened all three version of karizma the one i liked is the first model from karizma it was faster then the other two models. I have a modified karizma which topped 145 Kmh.I didn’t had enough road to strech it further. I live in chennai and used to drive in chennai race track for fun. But i always use to drag in the ECR Road and no one dare to race with me. If possibe i will upload my bike pic. I have 150 rear tyre and 120 in the front with dual disc and rear disc and NGK iridium spark plug with karizma modified carm shaft.Mono shocks and K&N Air filter. I tried lot things with by bike andit beard it all because it was HONDA Engine.

    So i always advice people to go for karizma.

    220 is god after all it is from indian market.So the Quality is not good.

    RTR is good compared to 220.

  9. Hi Guys,

    I believe the RTR FI would be a winner on the Indian highways bcse if we were to race all the three on Indian highways, Apache RTR FI has the lightest weight,good initial pickup, nimble handling, cornering and best brakes. Karizma and P220 are winners on track or if you get that strech of clear highways; but in reality depending on our highways where there are people crossing, vehicles of all sizes & speed limits on single lanes….i think RTR will perform better.

  10. well…a completely biosed review.220 is best bike in india in corners n fastest speed as well technology using FI system.
    whereas a r-15 is nice compete for this bike..but Zma falls behind RTR-FI 160 too coze old-tech.maybe fi model of ZMA wud help bit…

  11. HI ALL,

    I have a little query,
    I want to buy a bike but confused .
    I want your suggestions on whether to go for Pulsar150 or APAChe RTR or Yamaha FZ or Bajaj’s 135cc.
    I need to travel around 35 kms daily, so I need the meleage also,
    For which should I go in terms of all things .

  12. hii dudes, i own a 180 en now im in mood to sell it out because i met accident twice for the same reason i.e. front tyre burst out while racing at a good speed… im totally confused between 220 & zma… friends are forcing me for zma but im totally fida on 220’s look……someone plz help me yaar…….

  13. hey i’ve noticed all d info abt 220,rtr n d real machine zma.
    it took a lot of time 2 say that 220 can defeat zma (rtr is far away frm both) , but it tuk just 1 day 4 us 2 proof tht zma still d best….(1 day to own 220 after its launch).
    now we r waitn 4 d much hyped or rumerd KARIZMA FI. n let check if it becme d new best in dis segment…

  14. if ny1 say that 220 is faster than zma than im challenging him 2 go further 149kmph coz dis is our best wid our favrite zma….
    n let me tell u d distance was just 450mtrs (approx)
    so if sumone still confused b/n these 3 bykes den i think dis will help u out….

  15. you have right cvoice of bikes but I suggess u to buy 220 because its tecnology is new then zma ………i have also midnight black p220……so lets be fastest indian………….

  16. pulsar 220 is d fastest indian bike at d moment……..(pulsar 220 fi)its got 21bhp which is d highest compared to any indian bike…..with d current price tag of 72,000 on road its d best buy….well d price hav reduced because bajaj took d direct fuel injection system out from d new 220 but increased its power…… guys b d fastest indian……!

  17. ashwin: man apache rockzzzzzz………………

    sorry dude but truly speaking apache180 dont even stand closer to d new 220…..i own both d bikes nd ders a huge difference in der perfomences…..d apache only stays near to d 220 till 60km/h but after dat d 220 vanishes man… im sorry dat i bought d apache rtr 180………!

  18. @rahul 007
    dude ur mis judging RTR180 if u wana compare it with a bike compare it with p180…there is a big difference between power of p220 &RTR180 so it dosnt make sense…
    still it keeps up with p220 till a certain speed is TRULY commendable!!!
    compare it with a bike of the same 180CC class…then ull know how gud the RTR180 really is

  19. @rahul 007
    i mean the p220 is around 80,000 onroad…72,000 is showroom price
    RTR180 is 68,000showroom and 71,510 onroad
    get ur facts right

  20. hello friends, let talk about three bikes

    firstly , the great apache rtr fi earns good initial pickup, haute breaks, light weight, mindblowing handling, great engine sound.

    pulser 220 is the ever fastest bike, only fastest nothing else.

    krishma also only fast noyhing else and have sexy pick up,

  21. according to me bajaj pulsar 220 is the best bike among the all….karizma is a good choice but its standard is not upto bajaj`s level…apache can also be a good choice but east or west Bajaj is the best……….hence go for bajaj…..

  22. hey i drive both the bike the old karizma and pulsur 220 but the pickup,power and brakes which is very important is too much better than karizma more important thing is brakes in india after speed and the balance during the brakes is amazing of 220 pulsur

  23. can we use NGK iridium spark plug for Apache fi 160 eng bec i have fi eng only but the apache which there have showed in the vedio is not fi series it a normal one bec u can fell in sound only but i never felt it bec i will tell in the sound of the bike its fi are normal version in fi model u will be getting the race sound as thoug you are going for the race and it as nice beat sound and its depend on the person who drive the bike friend i will never leave the pulser 200 to chase me in the city as well as in the high way also and in our team we all are having apache fi 160 bikes only butin bangalore service is not nice for the apache fi 160 i am very affaried to give my bike to service

  24. dude if any1 there things that apache rtr 180 cant bit k-zmr,p-220 ten think again.coz everything dpends on d rider as wel as on machine.n if some1 iz still having douts ten lets face on d street.

  25. Hey men,
    It is totally unfair that you are compare RTR 180 with P220 and KORIZMA. See their engine capacity. There are huge difference between 180 and 220. So stop this nonsense. You can compare it with p180. No doubt that RTR can beat p180. It can beat even p200 easily. I’ve a rtr 180 and believe me it has so terrific power that it is become the nightmare of the sports bikes like p180, r15 even to p200. So imagine it’s power and speed. Its gonna rock dude.
    At first when I thought for buying a bike, I thought that I’ll buy only p180 or p200. But my father advice me to buy rtr 180. At that time I was a little bit disappointed about that. But the advice came from my father, so I’ve to obey that. But after I bought the rtr 180, it made me satisfied. Its perfect speed, its perfect power, its perfect comfort make me crazy for that. I’ll advice to all to test drive the all new APACHE RTR 180. And I’m sure that it’ll unleash the DNA of racing.

    • hey which bike u have prchsed now?? dnt wry about the brakes cas now Apache has got ABS(Anty Braking System(first time in india for two wheelers))

  26. Hi!friends
    as we all know that apache rtr 180 is da great bike ever made it rockzzzzzzzz.I have rtr180 and believe me it has great pickup,great brakes,dashing sound its a full package on indian markets.I had also raced with p180,p220,r15,fz.and no one defeated me for a moment.saying that cuz my frnd has all these bikz and I always won da race cuz its india roads not that foriegn roads where u get clean advantage 2 go up.IF anybody don’t agree with can RACE WITH ME I;M ALWAYS READY WITH MY RACING DNA UNLEASHED RTR 180.

  27. if u r going 2 by a new bike u can always go 4 rtr 180.cuz it ROCKZZZZZZZZZ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  28. hey guyz, hi i m subharanjan i own the yamaha fz-s i fond of my bike. Especially for the road grip. Hey i cnt tll abt da 220 fi but the dtsi rockz it is called da fastest indian bike ever . The zmr nor the r15 can win da race from 220 dtsi. As bcoz of da 21 bhp @ 8500 rpm the zmr nd r15 has got same bhp 17 bhp @ 8500 rpm . If u add a ngk iridium spark plug and a k&n air filter in da 220 dtsi it will increase da throttle respone and increase the bhp . It will rock da roadz . I am plannin 2 buy the 220 machine or the 250 cc pulsar which may hv 27-32 bhp . Accordin 2 me da fastest indian rocks it is da bst bike evr i hv ridden . thnkz

  29. Ppl P220 rocks and is truly d fastest indian bike with nice design…..Karizma is good but not the best to race with a P220…I own a P220 and is a stock but it gives a perfect compi to a modded Karizma….But a modded P220 can for sure beat ne bike…..cheers…:)

  30. i am from ghazabad and i have p220fi and it is a fastest in india becoz after tuning in in fuel injection (increase co2 level)top speed of bike is 162 with little vibration. thats realy fast men. i have check it 4 times two times more than 150kmph and one time 160 and one time 162. no one can win from this bike i am professional in bike –if you want ask something mail me on

  31. he dude u r saying wrong pulsar220 cannot touch 140 as i m having both bikes karizma and 220. i ride my both bikes one and another day .the difference is only that 220 confirmed me more pickup tham krzma but the long run top end is better of karizma than 220 thatis 145. pulsar 220 vibrate after 130 only its real check it yaar………

  32. Dear rahul ur comment abt speed of p220 is wrong. I have p200 & i take it upto 150kmph easily. So p220 wid xtra powr can easily go upto 160 kmph. I sugest new bike owner who r going to buy a bike of any segment (i.e. 135, 150, 180, 200, etc.) should buy pulsar blindly. Becoz pulsar is fastest indian bike nd every one should bcome fastest man.

  33. What rubbish in the last comments!!!
    You guys crossed 150 kmph and even 160 kmph barrier, just idiotic statements…
    See, don’t write false things here as many people visit and some take their valuable decisions so you’re just fooling others.
    And, correction
    Karizma has the best initial pick up upto 60 kmph, then from 60 to 100 kmph p220 fi can beat Karizma(assumed that the riders are almost equal in performance).
    And don’t go over just the 150 cc chamber in R15, it has got the power ok..
    So, before posting your idiotic comments, first check!

    After all, its your safety, and from my side, never exceed the 110 kmph mark until you have a pillion rider……but if you’ve speed in your blood, no one stops you.


  34. hii guys….

    i have the Apache RTR 160 Refresh.
    Earlear My plan was to go for Yamaha’s Fz as two of my frnds hd already buyd this bike….I even visited the showrom.but later i realised that the fz is only a gud luking bike and nothing else.. the preformance is average as like other 150 or less cc bikes… i wanted a gud preformance bike and fz for just a gud luking bike.yes its a gud balanced bike too..but still not a powerfull bike like pulsar,apache nd karizma… then i went for Apche RTR 160.. when i took it for a ride i was amaezed by its preformance..bcs b4 that i just knew that its a 160 cc bike like pulsar 150,… but the preformace is very very difrent from that of pulsar 150 or 180.. i hv riden pulsar 150 nd 180 nd i had a idea of there power and pickup but when i ride apache i was amazed by its power preformance.. the pickup is outstanding,looks are sporty and muscular in sum way similar to fz..bcs the apache has the biggest fuel tank of 16 Ltrs,braking is osm,and the handelbars are quite diffrent they are the clipon handelbars but diffrent from pulsar.. the seat is a bik uncomfortable as it is designed sporty. i like the bike bcs it has both the key factor the Gud Looks and The Best Prefrmance. on other 150 or 180 cc bike can be as gud nd powerfull as APACHE RTR 160..

  35. @Deepak
    though apache z a gud bike but its not comfortable
    it is only comfortable in streets but if u go on highway u feel comfortable in starting but after sumtym u feel uncomfortable.
    And also its not as gud as pulsar if r interested in stunting.

  36. P220 DTS Fi is road illegal bike and many P220 DTSi becomes illegal bike bcos of they voilate pollution norms. Handling of Pulsars are pathetic and really worst. Just b’cos Bajaj made a 225cc it is compared with a gem of a bike like ZMR. Poor Pulsar is nowhere near in front of ZMR. Happy comparisions and shoutings…!!!

  37. hiiiiiiiii….guys i jst want 2 know wats d mileage of p220………..when it is in average speed……….plz ask me d correct milege……… it over 40 or no………..

  38. the bajaj p220 and the yamaha r15 are both faster than the karizma zmr and the karizma r, but i chose the karizma r because i am 50+ years old and need a comfortable bike to do 500+ km in a day, and a reliable bike because i can’t push a bike much if it packs up on the highway.

    the karizma gives me 35kmpl in the city (mangalore) when i ride conservatively, and 41-42 on the highway when i keep it below 90kph. at higher speeds the mileage drops to 40 or a little less. i’ve done 520 km in one day and 1200 km in 3 days with no back trouble, so the bike is certainly comfortable and reliable.

    i believe the r15 is equally reliable but i can’t sit on it for 500+ km in one day. i don’t think the p220 is that reliable: my only experience with a bajaj is with an avenger 180 that was so bad that i decided never to buy a bajaj again.

    • pulsar 220, high in horse power, high top speed, high initial pickup, low cost, useless in handling, totaly waste in quality d bik wi gv lots of sound in 3 months like the other pulsars.

      Karizma r, good power, good in mileage, awesome handling and initial pick up, gud top speed, its a awesome tourer and awesome in track racing (too bad the pulsars are not allowed in track racing), it has the best maintence in its class, it is the best value for cost nd quality. Karizma r is better than the zmr in my openion. The hh may have given pgmfi tech to the karizma r and cut handbare and digital speedo metre and leg guard(engine cover)

      Apache rtr 180, good bhp, good torque, good torque, good in handling mileage and maintenence. Bt nt good comfort. But in performance vise, it lacks behind pulsar and karizma. Even in track the karizma beats apache. If you take apache for a long drive, you back will hurt a lot like the pulsar due to the seats. Apache is also a good bike like the karizma.

      In over all,

      If you are a kind of person who will change the bike after a year, the person who has lot of money, likes the taste of top speed, does not case of bike problems, then go for pulsar.

      If you are a kind of person who is a tourer, likes raw power, needs good mileage and maintanence, uses a bike for four to ten years, likes to race and do stunts, does track racing, likes comfort riding, likes style, go for the karizma.

      He you are a kind of person who likes , style, sounds, good maintanence, track racing, stunts, low cost good bike, who uses a bike for atleast four years, short in height, needs small bike, go for Apache.

      In overall, in my openion karizma is the best. Next Apache and the last is pulsar. Apache is almost like a small karizma. It has almost everything karizma got with less cost. But don’t go for the pulsar. Its only my openion. Its you who need to decide. Best is to avoide pulsar. See the cost. High power at low cost. Results in poor parts and not a quality bike. Due to power and torque many people buy the pulsars. But don’t do that. The moto of bajaj is ‘ low cost. High power. No quality bike. But hero honda and tvs are really good. Go for karizma or Apache but not the pulsar. Please avoid it. Its for your good guys.

      • hey vicky.. i liked your way of comparision.. plz tell clearly wat do u mean by maintanence costs and please tell the true mileage of karizma R and 220.. i need to buy ny1 in 5 days.. reply fast

  39. hey vicky.. i liked your way of comparision.. plz tell clearly wat do u mean by maintanence costs and please tell the true mileage of karizma R and 220.. i need to buy ny1 in 5 days..

  40. hey thanx a lot guys specially deepak and vicky all other u ppl enlighten me pretty well got cleared of all mt confusions and i vote for rtr in combination of milage and cost.. 🙂

  41. p220 has a great bhp and torque as compare to karizma but karizma is cmfrtable and has good milage and durability.p220 makes noise whereas karizma is smootg.

  42. hi everyone note that not compare the high speed how much time you go above 100 in our roads so think the quavality is better you go honda next tvs bajaj is allways jimmiks only it like dts (do u remember fight between tvs &bajaj for twin spark plug system)

  43. hey friends y u people comparing rtr180 with p220 n krsma, by this i can say hat rtr is the best, ask me how…
    answer is simple, c u people only comparing 180 engine with high capacity engines and in that situation also rtr is 80% best compare to those both(as u people sed), then that’s cleared that rtr can compete with the bikes which r having more capacity than that n that can win there also, n
    1)nwr days rtr has ABS(Anty Braking System(first time in india)) (p220 n krsm dnt have)
    2)onroad price is 93 n change (p220 n krsm both are more than this)
    3)mileage is 40-45 in city 45-50 in high way(p220 n krsm both r less than this)
    4)powerful pickup (not in p220, it is in krsma)
    5)powerful road grip (these both also have but not like rtr which helps the riders who r having any type of physique….
    with these many things r there to share about TVS Apache RTR180 ABS, m going to purchase RTR only.
    now decide about ur turn

  44. Karizma R was very nice in that time…. ZMR is a “BIG BOOBS on thin LEGS” ….No performance upgraded on this bike….Just cosmetic changes….By adding Diamond frame …ZMR looks big but not sporty or powerful…. LOL ..loook from back side …ZMR looks like BIG boobs on thin legs with 100 / 90 rear tyre…. Hero motors never upgrade performance and technology for their bikes…they only change STICKERS and style every year 🙂 …

    And karizma never touch P220…. the fastest indian P220… (dnt include Ninja and CBR here as they are faster than P220)…. But P220 is best in class….

  45. guys i wanna know one thing……
    im 5`10 in height and i wanna know if i can ride apache 180 comfortably….because most of u have said that its not for tall people…???

  46. yes guys vicky is right, I hav also noticed all pulsars giving out strange sound from engine. pulsar is a big crap from bajaj. wonder why that stupid bajaj is making stupid pulsar(china prodiuct quality)

  47. KarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrizzzzzzzZzzzmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a RRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr RRrrrOOoooCCcccKKkkkZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  48. Pulsar 200 is the best. Karizma is a 230cc commuter. Pulsar is faster, more powerful and has better chasis . Bajaj is a innovative company.

  49. Pulsar200NS is the best. Karizma is a 230cc commuter. Pulsar200 is faster, more powerful and has better chasis . Bajaj is a innovative company.


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