This is perhaps the most important article in BikeAdvice for this year. The two giants face each other in a duel. These bikes are the Titans, at least for the Indian biking industry. The Hero Honda Karizma nearly ruled the premium biking segment in India until the legendary Yamaha R15 showed up in the glossy showrooms of Yamaha. Let me walk you through the comparisons of performance, looks, handling, comfort and other features.

Yamaha R15 Vs. Hero Honda Karizma

Performance: Even though at the first glance Karizma seems to overpower the R15 in terms of displacement, the 150cc engine of R15 cannot be downgraded in terms of engine size alone. With a host of special features like liquid cooling, DIASIL cylinder and six speed transmission Yamaha R15 simply rocks. Ok lets not get too much into the details, lets analyze the feel…

I took a blue Yamaha R15 to the highways today. I was excited for sure. I did not bring my helmet with me, so I had to calm myself down from revving too much, but I couldn’t keep up. I pushed the engine upto 117kmph and it refused to go any further. I have heard many users that they have tried upto 140kmph, the fastest ever speed for an Indian bike, but I do not know what is wrong with this unit. The engine had clocked 2,000 kms so far. In Karizma I have pushed it upto 120kmph. While Karizma vibrates a little at that speed, R15 is like a rock, no vibration at all!

One thing that is clearly evident is that the riding position is far different in this bike. While you sit in an upright position in Karizma, R15 needs you to sit in a real sporty position. So what difference does it make? Well, you are 2-3 times more confident in R15 than in Karizma at such speeds. The aerodynamic sitting posture makes the difference. The air hits our chest at an inclination and escapes easily below our arms which reduces air friction. You cannot expect that in a Karizma unless you volutarily lean down which becomes a little uncomfortable. Regarding pickup, Yamaha R15 does not give me enough adrenalin as that of Karizma. If R15 had a 200cc engine atleast, this would have been taken care of.

Handling: There are big differences between these two bikes when it comes to handling. In Karizma you can easily manage the turns in the urban streets, the sitting posture is similar to other bikes and it is easy for you to take your foot to the ground to get your balance in case the bike slows down too much. This is very difficult in R15. The sitting posture requires you to fold your legs at an acute angle and have your foot a little higher than the other bikes, thus when you need to suddenly slow down for a sharp turn in the city road, it is uncomfortable to bring the leg all the way down. So if you are not going to use R15 much in the highways, then you will not get a good return on investment of your bike. Consider Yamaha FZ16 for exclusive urban commute. Karizma seems to manage both highway riding and city travel.

Comfort: Both the bikes are the flagship models of two big companies in India, so you need not worry much about the comfort. Eventhough the sitting posture is different in the two bikes, you can still have an ultra ergonomic posture. I have not found any particular uncomfort in the Karizma, but one tiny thing which bothers me in R15 is the gear shifting. Unless you are wearing a good shoe, it is very difficult to bend your ankles to shift up the gear if you are wearing leather shoes or casual sandals. I would advice you to notice this if you test R15.

Dashboard: Karizma features three units in the dashboard, the first one is the tachometer, then the speedo meter (analog) and the last unit has clock, fuel gauge, trip meter and ODO meter. In Yamaha R15, the speedometer is digital and tachometer is analog. The digital console also incorporates fuel gauge, trip and ODO meter.

Looks: I need not say anything about this. We all know that Yamaha R15 is the most gorgeous sexy bike ever. Since it is derived from the R1, there is no question of comparing it with Karizma. Perhaps in the near future, Hero Honda will clone CBRs and other Honda sports bikes, but nothing is for sure. Anyway even in the foriegn countries, Yamaha has always won the beauty competition. The only lack I feel in the R15 is the ultra thin bi-cycle like rear tyres. The tyres are well designed for performance, but broad tyres really give out that manly look which I feel is very important when the price of R15 is placed at Rs.1,00,000 plus.

I cannot give a trophy to one of the bikes because I love them both and each do not compete directly with each other. Karizma is for the status, city ride and occasional high speed cruising. R15 is for pure biking enthusiasts who feel like heaven while cruising in the highways, that’s why Yamaha has given the additional 6th gear for R15. Go for Yamaha R15 if you accept that it is a little difficult to handle in sharp turns. Difficult in the sense, I mean it is not easy as Karizma. Go for the latter if you are a fan of Hero Honda and want ease in urban roads.

Even though this review is a good guide for you, when you are making a big invesment to buy such premium bikes, always drive it yourself and weigh your priorities. For some people, the stunning looks of R15 may be addictive and would buy them even they do not get a chance of riding in highways much and will later regret it. Focus on what you really want, is it status, looks, performance, ease of handling or pride of branding and choose the best bike for yourself.

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  1. Hi,

    This is very helpful for anyone like me who is looking for a gud bike to buy..the details helped me a lot..

    But will it be possible if you draw a comparison between Hero Honda KarizmaR and Yamaha FZ 16.

    It will be very helpful to me..

    Thanks a lot..

  2. You are welcome Ashu. Yamaha FZ16 and Karizma cannot be compared directly with each other because both are completely different types of bikes. Just go over the reviews of Individual bikes. Thanks


  3. Appreciate your effort..

    but Some how i get a feel that you haven’t actually understood the R15 machine yet. you might have ridden it just for just once or twice if I’m not wrong. May be a review after some proper riding would have been better!

    1. Your top speed is 117 without helmet (wear one bro, on highways especially). I pushed my R15 upto 133 kmph a week ago, it wanted to give me more but i dint dare. My friend could take his to 138 kmph on speedo which comes to 127.8 on the GPS. Also any bike has its own way of speeding up (I assume you know this). So may be an error on your side on ripping the bike :).

    2. You spoke about the acute angled leg folds and foot pegs being high making it uncomfortable. Infact this is more comfortable than the regular Indian bike posture both in terms of seating comfort and legging down at sudden speed downs. Now what might have made you feel difficult is the fact that you are not used to it. It takes some to get used to. I felt like u did when i rode it for the first time.

    Well, what really happens is, in the regular sitting style your total body weight is on your buts. In this sporty posture it gets shifts on to your shoulders makes you uncomfortable at first. But ya, Your shoulders will get used to it very soon.

    3. An observation you missed out – R15 specializes in both traffic riding and racing. Try to figure out the behavior of the machine below and above 6000 RPM in any gear. You will understand how it does! And yes, it has an amazing stability at very low speeds making you quite comfortable in traffic.

    Hope to see a detailed better comparison soon!


    • 3rd point is correct.if u want to ride in city then change gear before 6000 rpm.&if u want to go to top speed then change gear after 7000rpm.
      it will easily go to 106 on 5th gear.

  4. great, if the manfacturer of both see this, they defnitely compete to get u as an article writer for their bikes, really superb!!!!!

  5. Thanks Ashwin for your 2 cents. Only a owner can bring out such insights. I hope my inadequacy in reviewing would always be fine tuned by people like you.

    I sure will improve the review soon.


  6. aswin your are right cent percent right about this article karizma is more of a cruiser bike kind of sitting posture might seem more comfi but the real deals the r15 riding posture which is not love at first “ride” more of growing into tat riding posture !!!!!! and basically the bikes are built for diff riding stiles !!!!!
    r15 racing instinct and zma is more of big commuter with lots of engine cc wasted without being used to develop more bhp !!!!!!!

  7. Shashank, I have posted the review of both the bikes. Please read and analyze. If you occasionally drive in Highways, Karizma would be better.

  8. Hey thnx Deepak ur review on FZ 16 helped me alottt let me tell u dat im not much of highway rider so i think FZ 16 is better option for me

  9. Hey Deepak yesterday i went to Yamaha’s Showroom to book my FZ 16 but they said i have to wait for 45 days after booking to take my bike home but i cant wait to bring dis sexy bike at my place, so do u know any other Yamaha’s dealer in mumbai can u give me the no. of the showroom

  10. Shashank, You can find the details in the Yamaha official website. Just click dealers button and select your city to get the list. Let me know if you got it…


  12. Hi there Deepak….

    To be frank Karizma has been my dream bike for a long time now, but sad to say i cant raise anything above 70k.

    So on my mind are an RTR160(i cant go for FI as its about 78k here) or a P180. FZ 16 too i think crosses my budget, but if i get a good deal, why not.

    By the way, I weigh a little less(just above fifty and am 5’5”.

    What do u suggest i should go for…. Pulsars are a bit unsafe as we all know. And RTRi havent taken a ride yet.

    And what about GSR 150…. Havent given much thought about that….

  13. Hey Anand,

    You have got a good budget of 70k. And Karizma is not above 1 lakh right? Just around 15k more.

    I would recommend you to save some 3k/month for next 5 months and go for Karizma. It is worth it. I don’t think RTRs and Pulsars even deserve to stand near Karizma. (Sorry Pulsar owners, no offense, just my opinion).

    Yamaha has its own respect, but FZ16 is still not as good as Karizma. Its a different bike.


  14. Hay Deepak….

    Thanks buddy, but frankly, 5 months is a bit too long.

    In the first place, considering my height and weight, dont you think Karizma would look a bit bulky on me????

    Thats why i thought to opt for something less muscular like RTR….

    Please do give your opinion on other bikes too….

  15. it will better review if price value shows….
    we r the bike lovers also wanna know the price in comparission…
    if possible plz mention the price

  16. hi anand
    the karizma is definitely better than the rtr, test drive both bikes and judge your self. i have seen girls who are about 5 ft tall drive karimza’s and being a guy the karizma is the best bike for you no matter what your build, the karizma would suit you just fine, when girls drive karizma’s why not you.

    i suggest you test drive both the karizma and rtr and then decide but if you feel the karizma is more muscular and wont fit you then think again. if money is a problem then please save up some money as the karizma is bike that is built to last for many years and will pay you in the long term. the rtr is a fun bike but you will get bored of it after a year as you would want more power and you will realize that the karizma would have been a better purchase after a year or so than the rtr 160fi.

  17. hi anand
    i forgot to add one more point the karizma costs 81-82 onroad in chennai so its not 15 grand more but only 11 or 12 grand more. the karizma with the red alloy wheels cost 850 more than the other colours and hence the price difference of 81 or 82 due to the red alloy wheels.

    i feel the karizma is definitely worth over the small price you pay over the rtr as the rtr was one of the bikes i test drove but it was only a 159 cc even if it had fi and rear disc its not 223cc like karizma so i went ahead and got the karizma and its the best decision i made in my life.

  18. can u pls tell me any info about the karizma fi model release…..
    nd given karizma r, fz 16,r15,yzf-r15,pulsar 200,pulsar 220…..
    wich 1 would u personally prefer????nd wen can we expect ninja 250 r to be in india???

  19. i am planning to buy a bike but cant decide which ones a better choice between PULSAR200,KARIZMA(NEW)& YAMAHA FZ.Which ones better in terms do power ,maintainance&mileage.OR Should i wait for some other bikes.

  20. hi deepak i like to tell u that i tested karizma , r15 nd pulsar 220 . the result is karizma top speed at 120km , r15 at 128 km nd pulsar 220 is the fastest of all for sure at 143 km. i owned a pulsar 220 aftr the test ride. Do u think itz wortha deal?

  21. Knight, Karizma Fi and Ninja are only speculative. Who knows, HH may come up with a brand new name for that. And given the bikes you listed, I prefer Karizma. Please see my latest posts which has a video in it.

  22. Ashik,

    I too am waiting to buy a new bike in the high power segment but could not on decide Karizma as this model is about 5 years old and I think Hero Honda may launch a new bike in this segment or upgrade Karizma in view of the recent competition from Yamaha.

    Also waiting to see what Honda is going to do in this segment. Definitely, they will not sit quiet. As regards Kawasaki Ninja 250, don’t know when it will be released and Kawasaki do not have direct presence in India. If it is released from the Bajaj stable, will it be with a Pulsar engine as Bajaj did for the Eliminator/ Avenger.

    As regards Suzuki GS150R, we have to see how it performs once it is released compared to Honda Unicorn & Hero Honda CBZ.

  23. deepak i hv used pulsar so i m a lover of bajaj bikes for sure. To give everyone a proof i hv recorded a drag between pulsar220 and r15 whch clearly shws r15 cnt match it up wth the top speed of wht say 140. u see the video in youtube it hs many drag videos as well whch i think cnt prove my saying. U plz refer thm.

  24. hey i hav owned a yamaha yzf r-15 and i have streched my bike to 144kms/per hr………………… bike wz able to compete with me(karizma,pulsar220 ans even pulsar200)

  25. WOW guys chillax…wat u even comparing a toddler with a man…i mean the cute baby stuff r15 wit the KARIZMA…2 BE FRANK THERE HAS BEEN MIXED REVIWES OF THE TOP SPPED AND THTS WAT MOST OF THE TEEN AGERS R MOST FRAKED ON… mainly and in fact onlu depends on 2 god damn things…1.THE RIDER….2.THE GEAR TRANSMISSION OF THE ENGINE…AND 1 SAID I ONLY CLOCKED arnd 117 n the other pushed it upto 144…whom 2 blv is the Q…blv me:))))..the engine is 150cc and it stretches 2 high speed yes it can happen…if u get the correct vehicle…dont blur it means only 2 OF EVERY 5 R15S IS A HIT…YES AN ENGINE FLARED ON NH5 AT 140…Y COZ ITS JUST 150CC…TRUST ME…AND THE KARIZMA…ITS JUST WOW MAN…I PULLED MY OWN BLACK DARLIN 2 140 IN !DOUBLES!AND AGAINST WIND…now here is the question1will ur r15 go 140 yes or no…yes then which is bttr 140 of a 150cc or 140 of a 225 cc…and if its no…THEN BABY IS ALLAHMALIK…..and we rnt pro riders so all tht it depends is on the streets….n the TOP SECRET IS HERE I ALSO OWNED THE R15 N THE DAMAGE COST IS HALF THE PRICE OF THE COST….CHECK IT OUT BABIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  26. Hi, Deepak i luv your comparsion………… but i need a suggestion from you………. i m a bit confused what to buy because i am a big boy of height 6 ft and 110kg wt……… wat should i buy??????? and R15 is small to me but i luv R15 being its design like a sports bike and i always enjoy high speed driving wat can u suggest for me????
    and plz say me about ninja 250 ,,,wen will it going to be in india and its cost on road and its specifications and i can bear a amount on bying a bike upto 2.5 lakhs

  27. here’s a quick info for all you guys.. lets start off with the pricing.. r15 will cost you about 98000.. engine displacement is 149.2 cc.. best looks in the market.. remarkable handling.. but power… ummm.. pulsar 220 is the beast in power and top speed.. will cost about 88,000.. but, poor looks, handling, unsafe and poor engine quality.. great for racers.. ONLY.. karizma, costs about 82,000.. average looks, great handling, best engine life.. power– better than R15. anytime.. lets start off with the top speed.. r15 barely reaches 128 stock.. if u’re feather light and u have a tail wind.. with less fuel weight.. karizma reaches about 130km/hr stock on average weight.. while pulsar tops it with 139km/hr max.. any rider.. i would choose a karizma cuz its cheap on price.. if i wanna make it a drag beast, i wud rather ride it for 2 months and the port the engine, exhaust and air filters completely at a cost of 7000rupees.. which will give u a top speed of 152km/hr with toooo many vibrations.. but, still its the speed that u want!! n the cost will reach about 89,000 n the bike will be better than a r15 and pulsar.. if anyone’s interested in racing with my karizma, mail me.. thank you..


  28. well yash, get in touch and guess we can race in STOCK…well wer do u prefer 2 loose on the streets or on an outskirts… ZMA may just RaPe urs….

  29. yamaha R15 is surley the better option becoz of its devil looks which are already casting its magical spell all over…If other stylish bikes on the market look like chiseled bodies of John Abraham or Salman Khan, I would see the Dying Gaul statue; a 10/10; perfecto envious body in my Yamaha R15. And, the competitors may soon have to run for their money in the bike market. R15 is, no doubt, every bike lover’s dream-come-true bike, at least on roads of India.

  30. hi dude.. i’ve own a karizma r red colour… i love my bike as my own life.. i’m now thinking to keep on upgrading d mileage as its giving me only 37km/lit.. i need atleast 40 or above.. can u suggest me how could i bring up the better mileage? my usual spped is 60km/hr

  31. i loved the way yew described the 2 titans ……… grt going man ………this will trully help many peoples who are thinking forward 2 buy these monsters…!!!…


  33. why buy karizma it costs around 87k and goes 125km/h. Why buy R15 it costs around 110k it goes 135 km/h. i’m very very happy with my one year old rtr 160 it cost me around 68k and it goes 132 km/h!!!!!and tommorow is its birthday 16-04-09

  34. hey guys …..
    yamaha r15 has topped 135 on city roads ..
    i own the first 45 bikes in tamil nadu
    also my bike won the best stock bike award at sri perambatur
    i hav not exceeded more than 140 … and i am looking fwd to it…

    yamaha r15 nevercan defeate karizma ,either
    in plains,or mountains,its look is also like scooty,i have both the bikes,
    i lived in almora,and some times in dehradoon
    r15 can not get speed on the mountains,
    while karizma speeds 90 to 110km/h on mountains either in 70°angle.
    i had defeated r 15 many times,and pulser is not in catagory to compare with these bikes,
    karizma is well balanced,
    i have three karizma and i enjoy to ride this every where.

  36. r15 is not a good bike for me so im purchasing cd dawn because im don of jammu.if you want to meet me pls come in city square maal

  37. I love the Karizma, may be R15 is better than it but at the end R15 is a copy of the original whereas Karizma is an original of the Hero Honda , i cant bear a copy so i love Karizma….

  38. hi deepak…i m also a fan of r15…but some one told me that the bike vibrates a lot at higher speeds like 120s and 130s…and let me tell u that i am a clear cut,purely speed lover beast….and i have also cme to know that by using K & N filters and with certain other installations the bike could be made better at performance…..and wat about pickup bro.can it match the pulsars of its range,i mean the 150s,the hunks and so on….plz help me out soon coz i have to decide it by 10th of next plz be a bit quick and helping….

  39. yamaha yzf r15 is a racing tech engine,although it is 150cc but it can produce 22bhp,so none other bikes can compette it forget karizma n p220.p220 doesnt have ability to make 143.for sg:motogp 125cc bike can achieve 26okm.h can u belive it..similar tech is used in r15 so its a king n queen of all my dudes

  40. Yahama R15 rocks….. i have a top speed of 135kmh with helmet.
    king n tiger of all the bikes for inida…

    keep riding enjoy R15.. its hot n sexy….

  41. Hi

    Good review, but i cant understand when u r going to testride the performance bike how someone forget the helmet.this excuse will be not accepted by anyone.

    thanks for review

  42. i owe both r1 5 and karizma…r1 5 is much superior than karizma in all terms ,the only problem is pillion ….R1 5 is very stable @ 140,rear disc brake is a +point which is life saving @ emergency…long live R15

  43. I am confused wheather to take the R15 who have good looks and girls would love to see me on him(R15). Or i should choose new Karizma ZMR PGM-FI having a greater cc engine. Pretty looks too but cant be compared with R15’s looks. Can any buddy pls suggest me what to do!

  44. @Karm, In my opinion R15 is anyday better than the ZMR reason being more power and easier handling.I have been following this bike for almost a year and when i got to see the machine is all the same (add a Fairing.)a rear disc and digital speedo should not attract a hefty Rs.27,000/-! The bike looks huge which is good thing but the tyre makes no justice to the look overall. It will definitely prove a great-grand tourer as its Predessor but then i have read rave reviews about the touring capabilities of R15 as well. In zigwheels i read dat one guy rode it from pune to banglore and back- a good 2000kms in just 3 days and that too very capably. I have finally zeroed in on ZMA which is value for money. Agreed dat its getting a bit old fella to ride considering the compett’n but neverthless a good one. If you have the money at your disposal go ahead and book the r15. no second thought. Even i would have gone for one if i could stretch my budget further. Anyways gonna get the ZMA in two days and a R15 or may be even a better machine from YAMAHA in a year’s time.I keep my fingers crossed!
    cheers 😉


  45. hi everybody,i own my sexy ZMA…i bought it 2 mnths ago…i opted it for its refined nd stong engine….high quality nd obviously the name…’HH’.
    According to me karizma is a ruf’tuf bike….u can say an off’roader…zma can b used anytime,anywhere at xtreme conditions…its very comfy too…durabilty of its engine cant b compared by of othr bikes in this segmnt…i have recorded the following stats:
    0-100***10.5s or may b 9.6s
    Bike was behaving wildly at high speeds…no vibrations…well balanced…secondly,its a heavy bike…around 154kgs.while r15 is 128kgs…so,zma has bttr handling….bajaj’s p220 is good but itz milage is xtremely poooorr….sumwhr arnd 22-25 in city…for just a top whack of 144…no sense…my zma giving me a descent ’34’….in city like varanasi…in addition to all these points of comparison…i think that hero honda is no doubt the best for providing service…nd immidiate availability for spares. zma rocks….baby…old is gold
    KARIZMA…unbeatable,reliable,its like a heavy stone nd a successful bike from last 6 years….!!!!

  46. i have karizma older than r model bt anyone interesterd to race me on the busy streets anywhere anytime plz go ahead and test yourself coz till now i have raced 30 times nd its 30-0 so any one who thinks he is insane go ahead nd check your insanity???????????? nd karizma rockssssssss.

  47. Karihma ZMR and 142 KMPH. Sorry a big no.
    the bike only goes 125 KMPH just 2 KM faster than older version (As also claimed by Hero hond).please dontthrill yourself wit the speed shown i your sppdo meter. Go and read the fact froma reliable Automobile magazine which give actual speed (Meashured using speed gun)

  48. Hi Deepak and all other bike fans,

    These reviews have been very good to get a balanced view of opinions.


    One point i liked very much in your reviews that you have clearly said which bikes can be compared and which cannot. Generally, people compare any bike to any other bike.

    I own a Karizma R blue since last one month.

    I will just give my experience now. 100 Km/Hr is a speed for Karizma which it accelerates without any effort. I have pushed it to 122 km/hr maximum so far and i knew it could go more but i slowed it down. At 122, it was stable, i could not feel as such any vibrations. It had left behind any other vehicle on the road.

    The brakes are superb. Allows you to stop in little distance though you have to handle the front disc brakes carefully. I have seen on roads, that Pulsars have quick accelerations at low speeds but after 60-70, they are just left behind. I have no offense for Pulsar users but this is what i see on road while riding Zma.

    The only 2 wheeler which has beaten me multiple times has been the Honda Activa scooter 🙂 . The girls on them drive it so easily that i was beaten at 80 Km/hr on a right turn. 🙂

    You do feel proud while riding a Karizma. It is a head turner on signals. These facts are true as i am experiencing it these days.

  49. Iam going for Karizma guys..all for its proven engine quality and soft transmission…any comments on this…you can even suggest for a better bike than this….

  50. hi guys.

    i have a karizmaR…as compared to r15 i preffer karizma..its not like tat i have karizma so m preffering karizma..before buyng karizma i took a ride of r15 also n karizma also..

    i hav speeded karizma to 140kmph…at gujrat highway…the only thng is tat i hav changed the tyre befefore speeding at this speed..i hav speeded my frnds r15 to only 117 but i got scraed to speed further bcoz the bike is so light tat it was shaking a lot…and speeding karizma at tat speed the stability was aswum it dint shaked tat much as compared to r15..

    second thng the height of r15 is vry short and lenght is also vry short as compared to karizma..

    as we take a look on the styling and looks of the bikes r15 compared to all bikes r15 have the best looks till nw..

  51. Hi,

    I finally fell from my Karizma. I had a collision with a bike coming from a road on the left. We met at 90* crash. I was at around 60 Km/hr. The other bike suddenly came and i could not stop in that short distance. I was unhurt but thrown away from bike. My bike laid flat on the ground. When i lifted it up, there weer very few scratches. My brake pedal was ofcourse bent. I got that repaired. One of my mirrors got loose. I plan ti fix it tomm morning. Other than these, no major damage.

    Its amazing that after such a crash also, the bike is fine.

    All i wanna say is that Zma has got muscles. It protected me as well as did not get damage herself.

  52. hero honda karizma is not a good bike as it is an old fashion bike and nowdays there i s a trend of new bike and fashion so i would yamahar15 rather than karizma,,,,,,,,,,

  53. i agree that Yamaha R15 is stylish, but the small engine feeling (150 cc), thin tyres sucks!!

    forget the trend, if you want a toy bike, then buy Yamaha R15. It you want some thing classic or stylish without compromising, go for Enfields or Karizma R/ZMR or Ninja.

  54. it is good to see that ther are a lot of dudes need more speed by his bikes i have my own bike karizma R and truely i said it has got a speed that we want .this is tested by my self i drag my bike up to 140 within 15 sec ….. there is no comparison betwen pulsor 220 and karizma pulsar is like a earth but karizma like a sky…………..

  55. HI EVERY BODY this is good to see that there are a lot of dude wants speed from his bike and i m great fan of sports bike so i have alredy perchase karizma r and it is most sutaible bike for me it has got amezing speed and execelent controling i drag my bike upto 140in just aprox 15sec most budy say that the speed of karizma is just 125. but it is wronge …and they are saying that R15 is better than karizma this comment is absolutly false there are big defrence in karizm and R15 r1 has just only 149.2cc and karizma has223 cc so they are talking like a foolabout my openion r1 is like a earth and krizma like a sky……………….

  56. it si really a good information for the guys who are confused between r15 n zma. r15 may be sexy but zma looks really hot. karizma rocks and i love it.

  57. stop support useless indian enginez wid way far japan technology … ull r one uselesss guyzzz stick up ta old iz gold buh try da new itz lik diamond

  58. hi……iam plannimg 2 take bykeee… im in confusion 2 take yamaha r15 r karizma ……so wat i should prefer….so plz snd meeeeeee ur suggestions


    i have just bought a yamaha R15 ,and modified it with , back seat silencer longed , and thick tyres , 2 inch gear chain , and engine thrusters to fix it rigid , wow my R15 looks exactly like R1 ,an accleration is raised to 0-100 in 5.6 sec ,and my top speed is 148-149 in bypas LNT road. BUT THE ENGINE CC IS 150 IT IS HARD TO BELIVE MY SELF. but my milage is been reduced to 29 km/l , exaust sound is a killer super , if u want to see my bike pic just mail me to siddhuyouth93@GMAIL.Com. BELIVE ME BUY AN R15 INSTED OF ALL THE POOR BIKES like pulzar or karizma or something bad . even when you ride your R15 all heads in roads are distracted by your bike . R15 is great wow !!!!!!

  60. oh hai nisanth if thin tyres is trouble for u , then up grade it to thick tyres it costs only 3000 to 4000 rs an fix trusters to ur engine to enlarge it and make it rigid

  61. guys really its a dreamy,amazing bike.simply its superb in features and motion and in style.already i speed up the bike near about 145 k.p.h though fear cant touch me on 9733507091.bye.

  62. well guys with r15 u can leave the crowd behind……..just shift every gear around 10-11k rpm ….den der wul be no problem for a noob also to cruise the baby to 130++.n its rock solid at dis pace..wel now new p220 dtsi is tough competitor to beat….
    just keep rpm near the red markings n i feel p220 wul be not a problem for u..
    n best thing is the grip n handling of dis lovely small tires…

  63. hey guys r15 is really a superb bike than any1 else like pulsr 220 or karizma zmr or simple karizma….other all bikes are fudu wid comparisn of r15…

  64. Hi Guys,

    This is for all Karizma lovers. I have drafted rules for a Karizma bike owner (i myself have a blue Zma R) and i feel we should folow on road:

    1. Never race with another Hero Honda bike as they are from same family but different breeds as a mark of respect.

    2. Never race with a bike that has engine size lower than 200 cc.

    Let me know your thoughts.


  65. KARIZMA R for sale 1420 KMS COVERED ONLY.

    People who really respect Karizma…I want to sell my Karizma due to very urgent financial needs…

    Kms run 1423 kms only
    color: Yellow

    In october 2010 will complete 1yr of ownership
    price expected 70-72 k,
    intrested person may please mail me at so that i can send the pictures.

  66. After a lot of researching I have decided to buy R15. I want to share my exp. with regards to this ZMA vs R15 fight. Go for R15 for its superb handling, killer looks and of course yamaha tag. Go for ZMA if R15 doesnt fit ur pocket. I have test driven ZMA and R15. ZMA and R15 are not comparable. ZMA is more a touring bike than a sports bike. R15 is meant to be revved in high RPMs unlike Karizma which has a similar engine as its smaller cousins but for the engine cc.

    I have revved both bikes above 100+ and I was very comfortable when I was riding R15. ZMA tends to get unstable after hitting 110 kmph. One important thing to note is R15 might not give you that initial pick up as the ZMA gives but post 60 kmph R15 rules the roost. Once you get it into high RPMs like above 9000 it has no comparision.

    I already own a RE Bullet 350 which has no match in cruising/touring segment.

  67. After riding both R15 and Karizma, I had opted for Karizma-R as it suited my likings and expectations that I needed from my own bike. R-15 is simply great racing bike and further improves on its performance & sound more with K&N air filter. Yet to test a K&N on my Karizma because stocks are sufficient even after 2 yrs use. The mods done with my zma include iridium plug, dual horns, golden silencer cover & rear MRF zapperQ 120/90. Due to wider size, had to take off chain cover but still get 35 kmpl inside Kolkata city traffic. No highways done till now as I feel safer on my car in highways.

  68. have covered abt 3000km on the r15….gettin mileage of arnd 40-42 in city… incredibly stable though startin acctn not so gr8….get beaten by rtrs and pulsars unless i rev it really hard…top speed still debatable point i expect it to be arnd 127 stock…

  69. karizma is our own indian bike nd r15 is a foreigner.Hey,depak, you are comparing the litlle 150cc kid with a 220cc beast and tht too wit 20k less than the price of the kid in wich 3 years of fuel can be fed to it.

  70. don,t take karizma that bike is very very bad when i saw that bike iam vimiting that place don,t mistake the yamaha r15 if you mistake r15 cme an put a race …………….
    if you have dhil means cme to race with me [bet] who lose that person will give our bike if interested cme an race with me an take a r15 my phone number is 0
    my bike milleage per liter 14 only iamalter my bike now its speed is 179kmbs if want to alter this like? only 14000 thousands
    and win many races and collect that 14000- thousands ok NO BODY CAN WIN R15

  71. I own an R15 but that I would like a little correction on that foot thing. I am a novice rider and this is my first bike. Handling this baby is wayyy easy and comfortable. It gives you enuf confidence to lean in the turns (mind you am a novice). The tech behind it is that.
    1. The centre of mass is very low near to the front wheel (high centre of mass causes over-cornering).
    2. The front fork angle (rake) is much higher.
    So the rider does not have to turn the wheels much and just lean in the direction of turn to make an effective turn (needs a little practice). And another important thing leaning into the turn causes much less bleeding of speed. This is known as cornering. R15 is desgned to do just that. The posture, aerodynamics, bike geometry….all this has ben desigend to do perform like a real sports bike. With practice you can even lean and twist through traffic at higher speeds (not advisable: risky 😛 :P) Combined with superb braking it will inspire real confidence in the rider, such as a novice one like me. And reaching top speed…s depends on your initial shifting (1, 2, 3)….. if that’s gone wrong it is real diffucult. I have myself reached 140 (while lying flat). Air drag is the biggest factor while speeding. R15 has a bent posture even then air drag bleeds 80% of the speed. So I had to lie flat (and it is verrry easy on R15). In fact sitting upright from a lying position helps in braking fast. I felt a slap of air on my chest when I sat up to go from 140 to 0. Speed depends on.
    1. Rider
    2. Machine
    3. Wind factor (headwind, tailwind and crosswinds) Crosswinds reduce road grip.
    4. Road smoothness (I had to waste my speed build-up a lot of times due to potholes).
    In R15 top speed depends on torque-conservation by shifting at the powerband (max power rpm). Liquid cooled engine helps a lot. Cylinder block does not expand and helps in effective combustion of A/F mixture (prevents soot formation) and also increases engine life. The Karizma may be big on displacement but R15 scores in technology.
    In short “Not everything that is countable (engine displacement :P) counts and not everything that counts is countable (technology)”.

  72. HI DEEPAK ,
    Am planning to buy R 15 or FAZER . i am 6 feet .shall i know whether R`15 suits me . or else will i be having back ache . other friends and owners too help out please .

  73. Hi Deepak,

    I don’t understand how come in India U have very limited bike’s for choice. Is it under control, or is it just not selling or is it the cost factor due to currency? Cause I have seen your range of bikes in India and It is very limited.

    How much do this bikes cost the Hero Honda and the Yamaha R15 anyway?

  74. Now Yamaha is back guys, All is that we call The Big Daddy is BACK!!!
    I own a FZ-16 1 & 1/2 years before (Pure Blackeeeee). The bike is awesome & so much pritty, and in 150cc segment she is a ideal bike in city riding & but not suitable for highways. I really love my bike everyday. SHE IS AMEZING.

  75. hae tooo all frndzz —– i woud say if u really want to knw which one is fastest and sexxy than go faor a race karizma will tear r15 ,if u dont believe me than go for a race .karizma rokzzzzzzzzzzz

  76. i m 6 feet tall .. which bike suits me ??? p220, r15 ?? i went on tours frequently… abt 600km per day.. also i lyk speed vry vry much.. give suggestion fastly !! i hv to buy a new bike in next week.

  77. r 15 is best in terms of initial and breaking
    karizma r is best in topspeed cruising and topspeed
    no bike in india can run continuosly in highway without any problems except karizma

  78. i love karizma r, plz tell me if black colour karizma r will available at ranchi, jharkhand. bcoz i have 2 buy next month…….

  79. Hi Deepak,

    Now i going to buy a yamaha r-15,i think this a good performence bike with 150cc with good mileage also. i am right? my opinion is karizma having more cc but for that they doesn,t have pulling(pick-up) power? so the peak performer in 150cc is def r-15, which having competition with 180cc & 220cc.


  80. I bought a yamaha fazer 3 days b4 which is in midnight black colour :- i think the best sports in between r15 and karishma is R 15 ver. 2.0 its amazing bike 4 riding highways and urban places ( everywhere )

  81. I bought a yamaha fazer 3 days b4 which is in midnight black special in colour :- i think the best sports bike in between r15 and karishma is R15 ver. 2.0 its amazing bike 4 riding highways and urban places ( everywhere )

  82. I want to buy a bike and my condition is i want to buy above 180cc bike bike so im very confuse between honda cbr , karizma zmr and new yamaha R15 nov 2011 model …. some body plzzz help me and tell me that how can it be possible that i can buy a best bike ever..??? 🙁

  83. Karizma is very old in modal they
    Could not impress in modal but the best
    Bike is karizma allover. It’s very true
    R15 came in new modal has impress
    People .
    Now we need a good modal of karizma
    Bike in very new looks sporty n
    Vaijar less

  84. hy bro i my self drove my krizma r 2008 model in dull condition from nagpur to gaya and i achived the speed of 145 km pr hr btht hlmet 2 ppl and if u think why ? Because we wore chasing by high way robers by marutivan

  85. [[]] karizma was launched in 1999 and r15 in 2007 or 2008 so a bike lauched 8 yrs back can still beat r15 an p220 now its 2012 but still karizma has no upgrade in engine but the model has still 3months waiting period if u think of buying one so guyzz karizma is the daddy of all bikes and the first indian sports bike

  86. karizma was launched in 1999 and r15 in 2007 or 2008 so a bike lauched 8 yrs back can still beat r15 an p220 now its 2012 but still karizma has no upgrade in engine but the model has still 3months waiting period if u think of buying one so guyzz karizma is the daddy of all bikes and the first indian sports bike u can compare it with p200 p220 cbr 150 [recently launched] p200 ns and othr recently launched bikes with new tech in them

  87. U guys fist ride r15 then ride karizma.u can feel pure spot drive frm r15.and othe ting if u hav any girl friend u just ask her wich one s best.

  88. If any one having Yamaha R15 want to sell, pls contact me on 09033294705. I would like to buy it. I am passionate for it n searching it. Its dream to purchase n drive it. As it is not available in market and new models of it are not liked by me much. i will hearty thankful to one who help me to get it.

  89. I own a karizma ZMR and u know what i am not going to replace it with any bike coz this bike is hills and any road king. My frnd got r15 and other got 200duke i thought my bike is slower than there and they got liquid cool engine but i was wrong in bad and big holes my bike goes like impulse and they have to search the suitable way to pass and in hilly areas there engine were hot and mine too but there speed were not more than 40 and ktm was merely touching 90 where my engine was lot hotter then they too but i can go more than 90 but as they were my frnds i have to slow down after a interval of speed running and after some time when we reach highway by bike was touching 130+ ,however ktm was much faster than me but i cant understand why r15 was lacking behind and duke even need to stop after harse riding for cooling down but my bike doesnt seems to stop or wait for any of my friend and finaly when we reach after long journy to our destiny to Shillong from Arunachal and in my bike there was still 3 stick of fuel but ktm was in warning light an r15 was having 2 stick atleast and when i force them to take the beatifull view of Shillong but there body was not ön well condition. So my word is that buy an Indian bike(now u know to whom i am refering to) becoz they build the bike as for the Indian travelling condition its not that 2 other bikes are not good they are good but in there prospective way and i want to give 8 out 10 to karizma as the name also reflect the fact as karizma but to r15 i want to give 6.5 out of 10 and to duke poorly 5.

  90. R15 kids:-( can never beat ««««««««««««««««««KARZMA»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»
    ,Open challenge to r15 owners.. wanna try cme to karzma official club ,madurai,tamilnadu..PERFORMANCE RACING TEAM

    GO 2 HELL ::::Time to play the Game

    karzma Alwys game···

  91. u cant compare the karizma r wid this yamha yzf r15 look the price differcne. between both the bikes
    yes i appreceate wid u all that karizma iz underpowerd for its 223cc engine bt its enough to beat the fucking pulsars as well as tvs apache rtr, we all know that karizma iz well known for its sturdy smooth engine performnces where in the pulsar and tvs bikes i will come to know they hav nt enough life gud if u want to use them for 2 year or three years
    nd kindly notice the one thing the handling of pulsar is so very poor…
    nt cmfort for long drives


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