Jawa sales in India are expected to increase in the months to come now that it is getting settled with its production issues…

Classic Legends – the brand that owns iconic monikers like Jawa, Yezdi and BSA, was acquired by Mahindra and the first step – of launching one of the brands (Jawa), is already complete.

Though there has been a terrific interest in the brand, Jawa hasn’t had an extremely smooth run so far. That is predominantly because of the production issues that the company has been facing since the beginning.

Nonetheless, it introduced India’s most affordable factory-custom Bobber Perak last year – taking the portfolio to a total of three motorcycles.

Despite all of this, Jawa has become a force to reckon with. Here are its sales numbers for the month of December 2020…

Jawa Sales in India (Dec 2020)

December 2020December 2019
2764 units3061 units

These are not factory dispatch figures that SIAM generally releases. Instead what you read here are the more reliable actual registration details. Do note that they exclude a few RTOs because of few technical reasons.

Jawa Sales in India

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In isolation, if you look at them, they have indeed shown a fall. However, for this month, Jawa has come closer to Piaggio – the eight biggest seller in India. Piaggio registered total sales of 3782 units and had its market share eroded from 0.36 percent last December to 0.27 percent in this month.

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With the kind of interest we see in Jawa and its resolve to settle its production issues this year, there are high chances that the company may move over Piaggio and become the eighth largest seller of 2-wheelers in the country, under Yamaha, Suzuki and Royal Enfield.

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