Jawa Has Just Bought More Time for Perak & You Did NOT Realize

Perak deliveries have been pushed from ‘early-2019’ to April 2020 and Jawa is bent on not revealing numbers…

So, let us understand that the Perak which was officially unveiled in November last year was NOT a concept. It was so production ready that the company actually announced its official price tag (of Rs 1.89 Lakh ex-showroom Delhi) and promised delivery commencement from earlier this year.

In January 2019, Ashish Joshi, CEO of Classic Legends, pushed the delivery timelines to Quarter four of this calendar year ie from October to December (read his quote in this story).

Earlier this month, at the first anniversary commencement of the brand in India, the motorcycle was launched yet again at an increased price tag of Rs 1,94,500 (ex-showroom). But that is not where the story ends! Jawa announced that it will commence bookings of the motorcycle in January 2020 – which breaches the second promised delivery dates.

But wait a minute… deliveries are now announced to commence from April 2020 onwards! Which is a delay of more than a year from the first announced timelines and if you did not realise it is still almost five months away from now! So, this is how late the brand is running with its production plans.

Perak Deliveries Delay: Timelines

  • November 2018 – ‘early 2019’
  • January 2019 – October-December 2019
  • November 2019 – April 2020 onwards
Perak Deliveries
Jawa has recently re-launched brilliant looking Perak bobber in India and it will get a separate production line…

Opinion: Is Jawa Shooting Itself on the Foot?

The officials have been portraying ‘higher than expected demand‘ as the main reason of this terrible delay but the truth is that – it has stopped sharing sales numbers and in a recent interaction it was revealed that it did it intentionally! So, nobody knows what is the demand, how many units is Jawa dispatching from its Indore factory because even when asked, Jawa is just not talking numbers!

Only 3 Jawa Customer Deliveries Got Delayed, Says Founder

All what we know is that we have customers waiting for their bookings, some for as long as ten months and we have some droolworthy machines getting tarnished because of the lack of transparency by the brand…