Honda SILVER WING Launched: More Mid-Size Motorcycles Coming ‘Soon’

Honda Silver Wing will mark their foray into the exciting mid-capacity motorcycles and the top officials promise ‘affordable’ prices. Excited?

Apart from a lot of excitement, what CB300R has brought to India is Honda’s Silver Wing mark, and no we are not talking about their Silver Wing scooter! According to the company, Silver Wing marks brand Honda’s foray into the fun biking culture in India.


It means that we can finally expect more premium mid-capacity bikes for our market with trademark Honda quality and technology.

According to Honda, the Silver Wing is a differentiated platform which intends to take care of the association with new owners along with the ownership etc.

Honda Silver Wing

On the Silver Wing mark, Yadvinder Sigh Guleria, Sr Vice President – Sales and Marketing, HMSI said,

With the launch of the new CB300R, Honda has now put the spotlight on the middle weight category.

Minoru Kato, President and CEO, HMSI elaborated…

This Silver Wing will unfold more excitement for biking enthusiasts in the near future as we are also considering to deepen our mid-weight motorcycle portfolio with World-Class yet affordable line-up.

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Though they did not reveal any specifics of what kind of products shall we expect under Silver Wing and by when, but we can now finally assured of a slightly different market approach from Honda.

Overview: Honda CB 300R in Images

Under this, we expect them to continue focus on volume products but at the same time bring in exciting products to India but strictly in the affordable segment which could be between 1.5 Lakhs to 3.5 Lakhs!

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