Honda Takes Road Safety Initiative Online: Launches e-Gurukul

Honda is offering safe riding tips to school kids, college goers and to corporate employees through digital means during COVID-19…

As the nation battles with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, when social distancing has become the new normal, automakers across the country are taking several measures to remain engaged with their customers. In one such a move, Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India – the Indian two-wheeler division of the Japanese automaker Honda, has launched a unique initiative through it aims to spread awareness about road safety online.

Honda has named this initiative as ‘Honda Road Safety E-Gurukul’ and claims that it has educated over 23,000 people in 50 cities across 19 states and union territories on road safety. The numbers include over 8,500 kids from 230 schools, 43 colleges, and 137 corporate offices spread across India.

The awareness training initiative follows a 3-pronged approach:

1. For School Kids:

The company has prepared different learning modules for kids of different age groups. The modules aim to make the kids aware of the importance of abiding traffic rules, commuting in a school bus, or accompanying their parents on a two-wheeler or in a car.

2. For Young College Students:

Honda realizes that college students are new riders or future riders. Hence, the course tailored to them focuses on safe riding habits and road safety norms crucial to make them better riders. The syllabus includes topics like the importance of wearing riding gears, correct riding postures and riding in different conditions, etc.

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3. For Corporate Employees:

For corporate employees, Honda focuses on how to adopt safe riding as a habit by understanding the correct way of riding, vehicle maintenance, road usage rules, etc.

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We really appreciate Honda for taking this initiative and the Jap is trying its bit to make our roads better places to be on.

Moin Ahmed