Honda to Unveil New CBR250R Next Month!

The new CBR300R was unveiled at the CIMA in China a few days back. No doubt it grabbed headlines, but the predecessor is too strong to be written off. It began the assault against the Kawasaki Ninja, and prompted it to muscle up to a higher engine capacity.


The question that arises is concerned with the future of the CBR250R. After introducing the Ninja 300, Kawasaki had done away with the Ninja 250 from the Indian market. However, the Ninja 250 continues to be sold in a few other markets of the world (in its new 300-like avatar).

We understand the fact that there is a complex web of licensing and regulations which largely determines the lineup of motorcycles in any country. Honda has let out a Press Release wherein it does mention that the new CBR250R will be present at the Tokyo Motor Show, which commences from the 20th of the next month. It is largely an exhibition for Japanese manufacturers to line up their designs, whether production or concept. But what changes will it sport??

There is a huge wave of speculations and rumours that are going around over the web which say that the new CBR250R will also sport the newer CBR500R looks like the new CBR300R does!

We aren’t sure if it will happen, but let us say that it will be a desirable thing. The CBR250R will stay true to the “CBR” DNA, and will look more menacing as well. In its current avatar, it looks more of a baby VFR rather than a CBR! 

As of now, it appears that there are many giveaways about the CBR250R NOT being totally shelved. It makes a potent choice in many countries such as Japan itself where the quarter-litre category is an important entry-way to the world of motorcycling, owing to licensing regulations.


However, the utter absence of licensing regulations should not pose a problem for Honda. We feel they could be looking at a few options.

Here are a few speculations :

  • Introduce the new CBR300R possessing the new styling as well as a more potent engine. The caveat here is that it could become a very pricey option.
  • Upgrade the CBR250R with the styling of the new CBR300R, but keep the engine intact. This move could meet with disappointment from the fans, as they will definitely relish some more power on tap!!
  • There is another possibility of both the siblings existing side by side in India. 


Which step would you want to be taken by Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India?? Meanwhile, do you feel they could be having some other plans up their sleeve??

Interestingly, there is a possibility of Kawasaki launching the Ninja 250R in the Indian market which would co-exist with the current Ninja 300 (More Details).

Are we in for a major slugfest with both 250 and 300 versions of arch rivals Ninja and CBR fighting it out in the competitive market?

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