User Review: Amit Pens Down His 25K kms Love for His Honda CBR250R ABS

Hi, I am Amit Mohan working in Nestle as sales executive at Mysore, Karnataka. Let me first tell you that how my job requirement got converted to passion. Being a sales person I need to go to other districts and bike was a must for me hence I learned bike driving in 2005.

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Caliber was my first bike on which I learned driving and few days after learning I could not resist myself to try my hand on long distance over night drive (we must avoid it), back to back it was Hubli-Bangalore(410 Km), Bangalore-Udupi (425 Km).That was just a beginning of my love for bike.

I upgraded my bike to Pulsar 220 in the year 2010 and finally HONDA CBR 250R with ABS.

I came to know about CBR through BikeAdvice and at first glimpse itself I made up my mind to purchase it. I planned my savings and calculated the time required to purchase. With all these plans I went to Palace Honda at Mysore only to learn that delivery period is 6 months and loan isn’t possible which means I have to sell my old Pulsar 220 and put my entire savings to own my dream bike.
I was never in favor of non ABS hence I decided to purchase CBR from Delhi as road tax is 20k less than Karnataka therefore I requested my brother in Delhi to follow up with Honda showroom and finally I got my new Honda CBR250R ABS version from Delhi on Aug 11.

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My brother Vishwajeet took care of run up period for first 2k Km as level road in Delhi is suitable for initial run up period. I went to Delhi in the month of Oct and took my red dream for first ride Delhi-Patnitop (actual plan was Srinagar).Further I could do my unforgettable ride Delhi-Rohtang Pass with my wife. Finally I drove down my first long drive on CBR – Delhi-Mysore (Via Mumbai, 2600 KM in 50 Hr). I did not drive between 9pm to 5am.

Reason for selecting this bike was only safety at high speed. We all know that the risk is many times more on biker on Indian road so ABS is must if you want to enjoy high speed drive.

Honda CBR 250 isn’t new name for bike lovers. Let me tell you reason for selecting this bike

  • Long distance drive (at least 1k)
  • Nonstop drive (till the time petrol refill is required) No need to stop for toll
  • High speed drive (To maintain the average speed 90+) with safety

Presently I stay at Mysore and this is the place from where I have done the following long distance rides.

  1. Mysore – Mumbai- Shimla -Gaya-Nawada (Bajaj p220)
  2. Delhi-Mumbai-Mysore (Honda CBR 250,2600 KM in 57 Hr )
  3. Mysore-Mumbai-Delhi-Srinagar (Honda CBR 250,3470 KM in 85 Hr)
  4. Srinagar-Gaya-Nawada (2090 KM in 33 Hr)

Ok, now let me share my experience with this bike for 25000 km. Out of these 25000 Kms, 22,000 kms have been driven only on highways.

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My opinion isn’t different from previous reviews. Not easy to handle in heavy traffic condition because of heavy weight of the bike and the same becomes more difficult with a pillion.
High power output at lower RPM will keep you ahead of entire traffic. It’s also the fact that cornering is not as easy as with other sports model e.g.- R-15.


In city condition mileage is better that is 35-38 Km/Lt, however it comes down on highways because of high speed. On an average I am able to manage an average mileage of 33km/Lt on highways at high speed (100+).
It comes down further when we drive at 7k+ rpm consistently for example on a Delhi-Agra Expressway I could get just 30Km/Lt.


This bike has been designed for cruising purpose and same is reflected through my long dive details. Needless to mention on comfort part as all my long drives are clear evidence of comfort on ride. I have done Delhi – Mysore by car also however missed the pleasure of bike (Thanks to toll booth and long queues).


I maintained RPM limit during first 2000 Km. Let me admit the fact that the sound of the engine is disappointing including its power delivery at higher rpm.
Pull at lower rpm is excellent because of high torque however same is missing at higher rpm.
Below i have mentioned speed at various rpm range at top gear

  • 6.1K rpm – 100Km/Hr
  • 7K rpm – 119 Km/Hr
  • 8.5K rpm – 142 Km/Hr

Vibration is felt at 6.5k rpm however you will not feel it the moment you touch 8k because of high wind pressure and noise and of course fear.


I may not be right person to give description in technical language, however my trip description is clear evidence of bike performance. CBR 250 refuses to get tired, even after completing Mysore-Mumbai distance and stopping at Ghorbhandar red light signal or crossing Ludhiana city during peak hour. I came across many complaints about non availability of parts and unskilled workshop for this bike however I didn’t face any issues with availability of engine oil and filters (things I required for the first 24k KM).

You can see the picture on the seashore of Calicut Kerala as well as Himalayan belt of Manali-Leh Highway.
This is one of those bike which can take you from Kerala seashore to Himalayan region.

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  • Never exceeded RPM limit for each gear for the first 1000 Km
  • Always Changed engine oil (synthetic oil) as well as filters before any long trip (It’s required to compensate adulterated petrol quality).Maintained the top level of engine oil through regular top ups.
  • Kept Air pressure of 40(when tyre is at normal temperature) for rear tyre even though recommendation is 29 without pillion.
  • Never tried to demonstrate bike power in city condition. Kept my aggression only for cars on highways
  • Avoided quicker acceleration when road condition demand for brake application within 500 Meter
  • Surpassed 6k RPM only at top gear
  • Chain lubrication after every 350 KM
  • Never allowed service centre to clean radiator through high water pressure
  • Always got my bike serviced under my observation.



Now this is most important part of my review. You can have real fun as no car or bike can catch you and it’s the fastest commuter on Indian road
TOP SPEED- At 9.1k rpm the maximum speed achieved was 151 KM/Hr. This speed is possible at only one road in India that is DELHI-AGRA YAMUNA EXPRESS WAY. You might achieve this speed at other road also but not possible to maintain even for a minute.


We are made for each other. I am not very sure about others but at present this is the best bike for Indian conditions. Honda CBR 250R is The Only bike which can touch 100 miles/Hr and still safe because of ABS benefit. This is the only bike which can challenge cars on non express way roads

Excuse for poor picture quality. I have spent a lot on bikes and could not save for other important things such as camera. I would also put an article on Mysore Srinagar solo trip soon.

Requesting you all to drive with care and avoid night drives on highways.

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