Honda Teases its Next 350cc Motorcycle; Unveil on 16 Feb

Is it the CB350 scrambler, rumors of which surfaced few weeks back? Is it a cafe racer? Where is Honda going with this? We discuss…

At the launch of the H’Ness CB350, Mr Y S Guleria, Director of Sales and Marketing, Honda India cleared that there will be more models based on this all-new platform. It is obvious that the company will not simply make one model – this is not cost effective!

And in comes this Block Your Date invite from Honda. The Jap has asked us to keep ourselves unoccupied for 16th February 2021 for the unveiling of its next motorcycle. The mailer also teases the upcoming bike.

Upon careful observation, there are ample amount of hints that this model is based on the CB350 like the dual shock absorbers at the rear. There is the ‘Honda BigWing‘ logo in the pic which clears that this upcoming model will be sold from the premium sales outlets, just like the CB350.

CB350 scrambler

The rear tyre pattern is different and so is the incline of that exhaust canister. This appears to be a relatively more modern styled motorcycle than the CB350 with an embedded small tail lamp and a tail tidy. It also appears to be an LED unit and so do those white side blinkers.

So, what are the chances?

This could be a scrambler or a cafe racer based on the CB350’s platform. Which means it will definitely share the same 348.36 cc, single cylinder motor that produces 21.07 PS and 30 Nm on the classic. The tune may be different based on the different application.

CB350 scrambler
The upcoming model will be based on this CB350…

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Rumors of a CB350 scrambler have surfaced earlier and we are also leaning on that angle more. Currently, we do not have an entry level mid capacity scrambler around that Rs 2 Lakh price tag and that is what Honda may be trying to explore.

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Unveiling date is 16th February 2021 but before that we expect to get some more hints of the motorcycle.