Honda CB300R Accessorised Version Gets 5 Changes

Honda CB300R accessories – pics and details

The latest motorcycle which has become a big talking point among biking enthusiasts is the Honda CB300R. It was launched on 8th February at fairly decent prices (link to launch story). And even before the final price was announced, it has been completely booked for three months.

Honda CB300R Accessories

At the event, Honda also kept on display an accessorised version of the modern-classic roadster. It carried four of the following changes…

  • Headlamp Grille – This has been made specifically for this motorcycle and doesn’t appear to be hindering the light flow from the all-LED headlamp.
  • Metal Bash Plate – In place of plastic underbelly cowl of the standard motorcycle, this version sports a metallic bash plate to offer protection against pebbles, stones, mud etc during off-road encounters.
  • Engine & Frame Protectors – in case you lose your balance.
  • Cleaner Tail – The rear section gets a tail-tidy with the registration plate and side blinkers moving up, just under the pillion seat. This will expose the 150 mm Michelin Pilot Street radial. Downside – you don’t want to be following this motorcycle during rains!
Honda CB300R accessories
Here is how it looks

Overview: Honda CB 300R in Images

Another small change is the inclusion of silver coloured bar-end weights of the accessorised version as compared to the all-black coloured vibration dampers of the standard CB300R. All the changes make the motorcycle look sportier and some of them also aid during your off-road excursions.

The regular CB300R for reference…

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This suggests that Honda will offer them as optional accessories for people who want to make their CBs stand out from the rest of the lot.

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Remember, the motorcycle is available only at these 22 dealerships for now and you can book yours at a pre-payment of Rs 5000. Deliveries for the first lot of bookers will commence from March.