Mysterious Hornet 160R Based Neo-Retro Motorcycle Leaked

Are we looking at Honda CB160R or the next-generation Hornet 160R? We discuss the possibilities and its resemblance with the baby Hornet…

In what comes as a surprise, an unnamed, small capacity, mysterious motorcycle has been leaked through some patent pics. The motorcycle in question here follows the design philosophy of Honda Neo-Retro cafe racer theme which we have seen on the CB 300R as well as the CB 1000R.

And it appears to be based on the Indian Hornet 160R. The air-cooled, single cylinder engine (minus the kick starter), the single downtube chassis etc are identical. It also shares the alloy wheel design and the petal discs with Hornet.

Dissimilarities you ask? Instead of the conventional telescopics of the Hornet, this motorcycle is running on premium upside down front forks. The rear foot peg mountings are different apart from other such minor differences.

Honda CB160R

The design is minimalist and the motorcycle appears to feature dual LED lamps, surrounded by LED pilot lamp. There is a single-pot instrument cluster, and a flatter, raised handlebar.

So what this could be? Honda CB160R?

There are two possibilities here – one, Honda is making a CB160R – a new-retro cafe racer motorcycle which could sit under the CB 300R (which is also available in India) and broaden the range or two, this could be launched as the next-generation Hornet 160R.

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Honda CB160R

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Chances of this being the CB160R are higher and in India, Honda can place this model over its current 150-160cc range to offer a sportier offering in this segment. This could be a smart move as, with the increase in prices of motorcycles due to various government regulations, many prospect buyers of higher segment bikes may consider opting for smaller bikes instead (related story).

Pics source TMCBlog