Is It the End of CBR 250R in India, Finally?

CBR250R discontinuation finally? Will Honda plug that big price gap between the Hornet and CB300R with a new motorcycle?

If you are unaware, let us inform you that the CBR 250R in international markets has seen almost two new generations whereas it has continued in the same generation since its first launch in 2011 in India. That makes the motorcycle almost nine year old without any significant changes.

This model was manufactured in India and Thailand but Thailand has moved to the newer generation CBR300R and it has also seen the twin cylinder CBR 250RR! As, we understand, this older model is only produced in India and Honda also exports it to few countries. Owing to its age, and the massive competition that has evolved during these years in this segment, CBR 250R, quite naturally, doesn’t find many takers.

CBR 250R, along with its sibling CB300R are among the lowest selling models in that segment and price range in India. Honda has registered massive drop in production of the model and its current year’s domestic numbers are just 14 percent of its last years figures.

CBR250R Sales & Production

Production 2018-19 (Apr-Oct)Production 2019-20 (Apr-Oct) Domestic Sales Apr-Oct 2018Domestic Sales Apr-Oct 2019
CBR 25041967282975405

Even the exports have seen a fall from 606 units of 2018 to 440 units of the current year!

CBR250R discontinuation
New CBR300R with twin headlamps and power bump…

CBR250R Discontinuation Finally?

Now, with these numbers, it does not make a lot of sense for Honda to upgrade it to the impending Bharat Stage VI emission norms which kick in from April 2020. This, kind of, hints at the big possibility of Honda finally pulling the plug on the older-generation model and it may be in its final phase of life.

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CBR250R discontinuation
The twin cylinder CBR 250RR…

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If Honda, indeed, discontinues the quarter liter CBR from the market, will it find a replacement? Well, it has recently announced introduction of as many as 5 ‘fun’ motorcycles in 2020. Does this hint at the new CBR300R?