Honda May Have Discontinued AVIATOR Permanently, After 11+ Years

Honda Aviator discontinuation will not leave any gap in the lineup since the new Activa 6G has already plugged it with its host of new features…

Honda was the first Indian mass market manufacturer which commenced deliveries of Bharat Stage 6 compliant vehicles (2020 Activa 125 in this case) in India. In the meantime, it has updated most of its high sellers to BS6 so that the business continues post 1st April 2020 – the day we moved to BS6. There are few very interesting bits about India and its transition to BS6, directly from BS4, which we have discussed in the following video..

However, the Jap still remains one of the manufacturer with the biggest list of pending two-wheelers which are yet to see BS6 compliance. We have discussed that list of 14 vehicles here.

Among scooters, the Grazia and Aviator are prominent exclusions. However, we are confident that Grazia will be updated to BS6 in the months to come but the Aviator may not!

Honda Aviator Discontinuation – Reason: Sales

Sales numbers for the last few months clearly suggest that Aviator is Honda’s weakest link in the otherwise high-shining scooter portfolio. Here are some numbers for reference…

  • Last four months (Nov 19 to Feb 20) – 3063 units
  • Last nine months (June 19 to Feb 20) – 25,690 units – an average of just 2854 units a month
Honda Aviator discontinuation

Aviator was first introduced with the older 102 cc engine, however, it was upgraded with the 110 cc family engine in 2009. It always played second fiddle to Activa and was placed as a more stylish option targeting youngsters.

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As distinctions, it was offered with telescopic suspension and bigger (front) tyre. However, now that the Activa 6G has received all of this (you can read our 2020 Activa’s reviews here and here (video), Honda probably believes that the role of Aviator has shrunk to levels when its commercial production may not make a lot of sense.

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Please note that there is no official word from Honda on this but makers rarely highlight discontinuations. It is no more on the website and chances are very high that Aviator may have already seen its last days in the market…