After 3 Years Himalayan 650 Rumors Surface Again

When will Himalayan 650 launch ? This has been a widely asked question in ‘Ask BikeAdvice’. After three years of confirmation, we have some update on the model…

Back in October 2018, Siddharth Lal, head of Royal Enfield, clearly said that the company has plans for a bigger Himalayan. ‘Bigger’ simply corresponds to the 650cc platform that the company has, after the current 410 (on which the current model is based).

We have been receiving quite a lot of queries on the launch time frame of the Himalayan 650 in our Ask BikeAdvice section. Royal Enfield is testing a lot of motorcycle models on the roads, however, anything resembling the Himalayan with a twin cylinder engine hasn’t been spotted yet!

But after almost three years, we have fresh rumors of the motorcycle model. In fact, a new report suggests that Royal Enfield may be getting closer to the reveal of the Himalayan 650.

On the point of the already-confirmed model not getting snapped yet, it says that this could be due to the fact that the company is developing it at its UK Technology plant. This factory is located at the Bruntingthorpe testing facility which has been closed for public.

The Himalayan 650 will get the dual cylinder 650cc motor from the Interceptor which produces 47 PS of peak power. This will plug the biggest loophole in the model – the lack of power.

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It will also be interesting to see if the company continues with the already established Himalayan nameplate with the prefix of ‘650’ or it promotes it as a different motorcycle with already registered names such as Sherpa, Hunter or something else.

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Himalayan 650 launch
The company launched an updated Himalayan 410 earlier this year…

However, there is no concrete evidence of the fact that this motorcycle will be launched this soon, apart from this latest rumor. But the good thing is we, at least, get some hope.

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Company’s CEO, in a recent interview, stated that Royal Enfield is considering following the direct-to-customer sales model. So, in the future, we may see various new and existing models getting directly delivered to the doorstep of the customer.

Source – Visordown