Royal Enfield Considering Direct to Customer Sales Model

Royal Enfield’s Direct to Customer sales model is an interesting step that the maker is considering during these pandemic hampered times…

Continuous lockdowns and the scare of customers getting infected by the COVID virus have made automakers consider out of the box ideas for business continuity. Royal Enfield is the latest brand that is considering direct-to-customer sales model – which means it will deliver the customer’s preferred bike at the doorstep.

Luxury German car maker Mercedes-Benz recently announced to move to this model of doorstep delivery of its vehicles to the customers by the fall of 2021.

Today almost all monetary transactions and paperwork can be done online. So, that cuts out the need for visiting the showroom and spending a few hours completing the formalities.

Royal Enfield CEO Vinod Dasari says that they are open to what the customer wants. They will reappraise their distribution strategy to consider home deliveries of vehicles.

royal enfield direct to customer sales
Royal Enfield has already deployed 800 motorcycles that provide Service-at-Home…

This will be very beneficial for Royal Enfield as it has a vast chain of 2056 dealerships spanned across 1750 locations. So, for a customer getting his Royal Enfield bike delivered at the doorsteps won’t be a big deal.

If we compare that with Mercedes which has barely 100 showrooms in India, the German automobile brand may face hassle in serving the customer right at their doorsteps.

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Not only sales, but automobile companies may also provide doorstep services of their vehicles. Many, including Royal Enfield, are already testing this idea.

royal enfield direct to customer sales
It will be interesting to see if and how this impacts the existing dealerships of the company.

Hopefully, the direct-to-customer model won’t hamper the existence of dealerships. They will still play an important role in creating customer relations, making accessory sales and service.

Royal Enfield is planning to introduce many new models of motorcycles by this year. We may see the automotive brand home delivering the bikes to its customers. With the latest technologies, we can hope that we will be able to buy motorcycles and have them delivered right to our doorstep with one tap of the smartphone app.

Source – Money Control